Why this photo is bricking some Android smartphones

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Why this photo is bricking some Android smartphones

Many Android smartphone proprietors are covering web-based social networking that a photo highlighting a lake, overcast nightfall, and a green shoreline is bricking their handsets when utilized as a wallpaper. 

A few brands appear to be influenced, including Samsung and Google’s Pixel. 

The bug makes the screen turn on and off ceaselessly. At times a production line reset is required. 

The BBC doesn’t suggest giving it a shot.

Samsung Talks:-

Samsung is because of revealing an upkeep update on 11 June. The BBC has reached Google for input yet not yet had a reaction. 

A tweet on the issue has had a huge number of preferences and re-tweets, with some revealing that their phone has additionally been influenced.

tweet by ice universe
Tweet by Ice Universe (Bricking Photo)

Points to be Noted:-

Tech columnist Bogdan Petrovan at Android Authority said the bug didn’t influence his Huawei 20 Pro yet it caused a Google Pixel 2 to breakdown. 

“In the wake of setting the picture being referred to as a wallpaper, the phone quickly slammed. It endeavored to reboot, yet the screen would continually turn on and off, making it difficult to pass the security screen,” he noted. 

Restarting the gadget in experimental mode (by holding down the volume button during boot-up) didn’t fix the issue. 

It seems to influence a few however not all gadgets running the most recent adaptation of the Android working framework, Android 10. 

The dispatch occasion for Android 11 was because of occurring this week yet has been deferred. 

There has not yet been an official explanation given for the bug however designer Dylan Roussel, who writes at 9to5Google tweeted his hypothesis. 

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Tweet of Dylan about the Bug – Bug on android smartphone.

Ken Munro and Dave Lodge from security firm Pen Test accomplices additionally examined it for the BBC. 

“As advanced photos have improved in quality, smartphones need to check what the picture ‘shading space’ is to turn out to be the manner by which to show it appropriately,” they said. 

It’s the means by which a phone realizes how to show precisely the correct shade of green, for instance. 

There are various methods of characterizing the shading space. A few spaces have authority utilizes in visual computerization, so in some cases, you’ll see pictures that aren’t in the standard thing ‘Standard RGB’ position. It’s additionally conceivable to purposely make pictures that have more shading data than certain gadgets can deal with. 

What’s occurred here is that the manner in which a few phones manage these cases has turned out badly. 

You need To Restart Your Device to Fix the Bug
You need To Restart Your Device to Fix the Bug

Phone Crashes:-

The phone crashes since it doesn’t have the foggiest idea of how to manage it effectively, and the product designers presumably hadn’t considered this may occur.

I tried this out on my own Pixel 2 once more, kindly don’t attempt it yourself. Sufficiently sure, the phone did precisely as portrayed above when I set it as a wallpaper.

Strikingly, the picture didn’t cause any issues when in the Google Photos application, so probably, this isn’t the sort of issue that could cause issues when the picture is just sent to a client by means of text or email. 

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We firmly support that you don’t attempt this yourself. We’re not connecting or transferring the picture itself consequently.

Ice notes in a subsequent tweet that transferring the picture to Weibo modified the hues somewhat and, from that point forward, it got innocuous. Another client found that adjusting the picture appeared to forestall issues also.

This fairly backs up the thought it could be the metadata as transferring or changing pictures can at times strip it of metadata. 

Bricking Screen
Photo of 9to5Google of Bricking Screen


On the off chance that you choose to disregard our notice and attempt this for yourself (truly, kindly don’t), you ought to have the option to recover your gadget by either resetting it totally (utilizing the bootloader) or by entering experimental mode and erasing the document from the gadget from that point. 

Our own Dylan Roussel found that his Pixel 4 XL running on Android 11 was not influenced by the issue while a Pixel 3 XL on Android 10 was. He had the option to then make sense of what was causing issues.

Don’t try to use this photo as a wallpaper otherwise this will bricking your handsets.

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