6 Ways to Make Extra Money As a Programmer in 2020

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6 Ways to Make Extra Money As a Programmer in 2020

Writing computer programs is one of the most intriguing professional ways. There are a lot of employments accessible for gifted developers. Let’s see 6 Ways to make extra money as a programmer.

In any case, in the event that you have some additional time, you can bring in additional revenue as a software engineer. 

1. Online courses – Make Extra Money As a Programmer

Online courses
Online courses

In the event that you are a specialist in any programming language, system, or instrument, you can likewise take a look at making course content. Showing individuals online is probably the best thing that has arisen in the course of the most recent couple of years. It benefits both, students and instructors.

Specialists knowing about C, C++, Java, and Python have the most popularity in e-learning stages.

2. Freelancer 


Freelancing is perhaps the most ideal ways developers can bring in money. Independent venture posting entries have a lot of tasks to browse. Nonetheless, Freelancing requires a great deal of control and exertion.

You have to put the time in discovering customers and undertakings. The greatest preferred position is that you can begin Freelancing close to your perpetual employments. 

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3. YouTubing

A few designers like to share information through varying media group. YouTube is the most ideal approach to share content. You can make recordings about programming dialects, systems, apparatuses, and related content.

On the off chance that you don’t care to be before the camera, you can record your videos and start a digital broadcast channel. Most digital broadcasts are allowed to tune in, yet you can bring in cash by charging supports.

Numerous podcasters are on Patreon, a stage where individuals pay a month to month add up to help the work and open selective access to the content.

4. Coding challenges 

Coding challenges
Coding challenges 

There are committed stages for designers or developers to take an interest in challenges and win genuine prize cash. TechGig Code Gladiators is one of the greatest yearly coding rivalries with a huge number of members.

You get the opportunity to take a shot at genuine tasks and system with similar individuals in this super occasion. 

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5) Begin to Write 

As I would see it, writing is probably the most ideal approach to contact an expansive crowd. There are a lot of chances for you to begin writing and bring in cash out of it: 

You can begin your own blog and adapt to advertisement income. You can write books or digital books and sell them on the web. You can write on stages, for example, Medium, and take an interest in their Partnership Programs. 

You can write visitor posts for built-up destinations like CSS-Tricks that will pay you a fixed sum if your article is acknowledged. There is nothing amiss with giving things a shot and perceiving how individuals respond to what you compose. 

In any case, a few things that you ought to consider are to pick a specialty where you have an extraordinary enthusiasm (permanently you spurred), to continue writing reliably (it takes some effort to get perceived), and to continually improve your writing skills to convey top-notch articles (individuals will thank you, there is all that anyone could need low-quality stuff out there).

6) Build an amazing Software and Sell It 

To end the rundown, here is a system that requires the most work out of the pack – making your own bit of programming so as to sell it. 

You are a developer. You compose programming. This is your main thing. 
The thought here is exceptionally straightforward. 

Rather than composing programming for another person to sell, make some products that you sell yourself. 

This requires something other than your programming abilities, you have to build up an eye for business needs and openings. 

Build a software item that the market needs or that enables others to take care of their issues and you will be fit as a fiddle. You will likewise need to take a shot at your showcasing skills too to have the option to advance your product. 

These skills, regardless of being critical, are abilities that the normal developer doesn’t have and you will be at a gigantic bit of leeway on the off chance that you can learn and utilize these skills. 

All things considered, not every person who attempts to make their own bit of programming succeeds.

Truth be told, the likelihood is very thin. Be that as it may, if your item takes off, it very well may be worthwhile. You can make an android application, IOS application a SAAS services, or only downloadable programming. It’s your choice and it totally depends on you.


There are many ways in the world to make extra money as a programmer. You have to search around yourself. I mentioned above, all the best techniques to make extra money as a programmer.

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