OnePlus Nord First Impressions, Price, Specs, Camera

OnePlus Nord First Impressions

OnePlus has been an entirely unsurprising organization for the greater part of its life. It has focussed on selling each phone in turn, perhaps with variations. Let’s discuss the OnePlus Nord first impressions with Full Details.

Best Mobile Phones For Photography in 2020 (latest)

Best Mobile Phones For Photography

In the event that you are on the chase for the best Mobile Phones For Photography, there is certifiably not a clear competitor that remains at the top in all offices. Some are acceptable at the video, some at still, while others ace at night or zoom

Top 5 wireless earbuds under 2,000 only in 2020 (latest)

Top 5 wireless earbuds

Apple set the trend for wireless earbuds with the AirPods. This prompted pretty much every well-known brand propelling their own variant of AirPods. There’s a serious assortment of AirPods-lookalike or wireless earbuds as a rule for purchasers to look over. The decisions are accessible in various value fragments too.

Top 5 Best Mobile Processors of 2020 in India (latest)

Best Mobile Processors of 2020

When purchasing a phone, particularly costly, you may have numerous inquiries. Which screen is better? The amount of RAM is ideal? How to pick the phone with an amazing processor? The processor is the principal part of the smartphone, which helps in deciding the speed of the task. Let’s see best mobile processors of 2020

7 gadgets that could become household essentials in the COVID-19


Without house help during the lockdown time period, the greater part of us assumed up the liability of overseeing residential tasks. This circumstance is probably not going to change as we will undoubtedly follow social distancing standards in the post-COVID-19 world also. Here are 7 gadgets you can use.

Motorola One Fusion+ Specs and Price with Full Details

YouTube Device Report reveals the full specification of Motorola one fusion+ smartphone. The YouTube Device Report is an open-source website page where the video-sharing platform distributes a rundown of gadgets that offer incredible YouTube experience. The website page has tipped a few specifications of Motorola One Fusion+ and possible launch time. Motorola is yet to formally say anything regarding the Phone.