Some Unknown Hidden Gems in Google Photos

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Some Unknown Hidden Gems in Google Photos

Google Photos is widely used by almost 70% of the online media storage service providers and it is the most efficient and feature-rich media storage platform that does a lot than just storing images and videos.

So, In this article let us discuss the cool features that are added to google play in recent days and the things most people are unaware of.

I, personally have used google photos for about 2 years and it became my daily driver for managing my photos and videos in one place. The app has recently launched some new cool features that most people are unaware of.

  • Add Partner Account
  • I’m Feeling Lucky
  • Remove GEO Location
  • Chat While Share
  • Create New
  • Google Lens Integration

#1 Add Partner Account:

Say, you want to share every picture you have on your device to someone to keep them informed of the events that take place or sync the images to another account.

Add Partner feature allows you to share a particular album, or a particular face or the complete library to someone who has a google account. Also, this provides a feature to share after a particular date.

To enable this feature, head over to the Manage your Library section in the Top Menu and you will find the Add Partner card at the bottom.

Tap on the Get Started link and select the contact by entering the google mail of the user to send an invite.

The user can accept your invite from the Sharing section of his Google Photos app and you can stop sharing photos to contact by entering the contact and select Stop Sharing Library

#2 I’m Feeling Lucky:

This new feature on the google photos shows a random set of pictures and videos to you based on a specific location or a keyword.

This is purely based on AI and this recognizes the keywords that are mapped to your photos and trust me, this thing surprises you with images that you have completely forgotten and you’ll love this.

Simply Long Press the Google Photos icon and select the option “I’m Feeling Lucky” and get surprised.

#3 Remove GEO Location:

When you are sharing a media on google photos by means of a link, the image metadata is also embedded on the link and thereby it makes easier for the receiver to trace our location.

But these features help a lot by making it easier to find, search them, add reviews, etc but when it’s being shared with others, it’s not safe always.

There is a specific option in Google Photos to remove the GEO Location details from the media when it’s being shared as a link. Simply head over to the Settings on the Top Menu and enable this feature “Remove Geo Location”.

#4 Chat While Share:

This is an old feature but now better and revamped with more features. You can share photos with peer mates after a party or a trip in google photos with the help of mail ids.

Now, along with that, you can chat over a shared library in the sharing space with the people you have shared the media with. You can also send a Heart or any text you want.

Simply tap on the Sharing section on the bottom and select your contact and start sending media and chatting with your peers! It’s simple as that.

#5 Create New:

This feature lets you create an interesting collage, a movie or animation from the photos and the video clips you have in your device.

This can come handy when you want to do something creative for a birthday party or to make someone feel special.

So, just head over to the “For You” section on the bottom and click the required feature to start making your stuff.

The GoodBye Part:

I think this is enough for anyone to switch over from their gallery apps to this feature-rich Google Photos app as this works on cloud and everything gets accessible everywhere.

If you think I’ve missed out on something, let me know in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed this article and thanks for spending time here.


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