Get Pizza Stamp for Free in Google Pay 2020 Event

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Get Pizza Stamp for Free in Google Pay 2020 Event

Google Pay has launched its New Year event called 2020 which gives assured rewards between ₹ 202 to ₹ 2020 as cash when all the indicated stamps are collected.

So, In this article, let us discuss the easiest way to get a pizza stamp on this event without even spending a rupee or making any transaction on the end.

This trick has been tested personally and it worked for 5 times in a row and the chances of getting a Pizza stamp using this method is 100%. Also, note that this involves a transaction of ₹ 249 which will be refunded instantly

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So, get started with the below steps and get your pizza stamp for free.

Steps to Get Pizza Stamp:

Open Your Google Pay app and head over to the Business section and find Urban Clap and select the option Saloon For Men

Select the Hair Cut option and Click on Continue to proceed to the Location Selector. Verify details again in the next screen and click on Continue

Enter Secor 62 in the address Bar and Fill in with some random Name and Address in the Your Location section.

Select today’s date and select the appointment time at least 4 hours from the current time and click on Next. Select Pay using Google Pay and click on Continue to proceed.

Complete the Payment using the preferred banking method and be assured this money get’s back in a few minutes. And once done, you will get a Scratch Card and a Pizza Stamp in your Google Pay.

Now go to the Urban Clap section in Google Pay and click on Manage Booking to open the booking detail page. Select the Cancel Button and the payment gets credited back instantly.

The GoodBye Part:

Hurray, we have received the Pizza stamp without even spending a buck and the amount paid gets refunded instantly. I hope this helps you achieve the goal and collect all stamps in Google Pay 2020 Event.

You can donate me any stamps using the link – Donate Me

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Thanks for spending time here. Cheers!

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