Is Mi Watch an Official Apple Watch Copy and Should you buy?

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Is Mi Watch an Official Apple Watch Copy and Should you buy?

One of the devices that excited me a lot about its arrival is surely the Mi Watch. Mi has been doing more than better in all the fields they land their feet and obviously this company provides the best hardware at affordable prices.

So, In this article let us discuss the features of the Apple iWatch’s lookalike Mi Watch and whether you should buy it or not? Mi Watch has a very similar appearance to Apple’s iWatch which probably tensed Steve if he was there.

Jokes apart, Let’s compare the Apple’s iWatch and the Mi Watch side by side to check whether there is a design similarity, or there is a spec sheet similarity, or it’s a complete copy.

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Comparing Mi Watch with the iWatch:

MI Watch

Apple Watch

When kept on a side by side, both the watches look exactly similar and it’s barely impossible to differentiate the watches when viewed from a decent distance. Yeah, Mi Watch is slightly on the bulkier side but that’s why Apple Watch is costly too.

So, let us divide the comparison on what all characteristics of the Mi Watch looks similar when compared to Apple’s iWatch as the Similarities and the Differences.


There is a lot of Resemblance of the Apple watch and Mi Watch has taken most of its design aspects from the Apple Watch and when meaning a lot, it’s indeed a lot! Let’s hit the resemblances of these.

#1 Packaging:

The Packaging of the Mi Watch is exactly similar to that of the Apple Watch’s packaging and this is a great similarity to note for.

#2 Display:

The Mi watch has the same size display with the same resolution as that of the Apple Watch and it’s great to have that in a much cheaper device.

#3 Button Placements:

The Crown button, Power button, and the mic are exactly placed on the right side of the watch same as the Apple Watch.

#4 Speaker Placements:

The left side of the Mi watch is the speaker grill which is again the same as that of the apple watch itself.


The Mi Watch may have a resemblance to the Apple Watch, but there are some things that have to be noticed and should be appreciated. So, these are the differences or the points where the Mi Watch stands out.

#1 Premium (at this price):

For this price, the Mi Watch comes with a very classy and premium look with an aluminium body which is sturdy and more comfortable.

#2 Buckle Strap:

This watch comes with an old yet traditional buckle type strap which is liked by most of the people out there.

#3 Cheaper:

Comparing to the price of the Apple Watch, Mi Watch comes with a very cheap price and provides value for each penny spent.

#4 Spec Sheet:

This watch packs in a very good amount of software that is simply wow. to state some, Snapdragon wear 3100, eSIM support, Pogo charger, etc.,

Mi Watch Features and Specs:

Mi Watch may look more like an Apple Watch, but there is nothing lacks on the spec sheet and this thing is full of features, powerful hardware, and perfection. So, the main features include.


  • Mi Watch has a 1.78″AMOLED Display with the Resolution 368 x 448 pixels.
  • Mi Watch is powered by the Snapdragon Wear 3100 Chipset, 1GB Ram and 8GB of Memory to it.
  • This watch is Waterproof but no certifications are available,
  • This watch has descent speakers to speak calls, listen to music, and delivers a good amount of volume.
  • Mi Watch also comes with an eSIM support which practically means this watch supports 4G and can be used as a standalone device.
  • This watch houses Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth and houses all the Fitness Sensors like A+GSensor, Heartrate Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Barometer, etc.,
  • The Battery on the Mi Watch is 570 mAh and the company claims three days of normal usage on this device and you should last 2 days straight for sure.
  • The Company bundles a Pogo charger which is very easy to use and the charging speeds are very descent.


  • MI watch runs on MIUI for watch which is very light and easy to operate and the watch faces on the watch are very good.
  • MIUI is built on the Wear OS and all the standard features like answering calls, replying to messages, and controlling music is never a problem and the battery optimization is fantastic.
  • Intuitive UI easily controlled by the crown and the watch syncs data to the App on the phone very precisely.

Should you Buy the MI Watch?

The Answer is Simply Yes if you want the best value for the money spent. But this has not arrived in India and this will be a game-changer in the Indian market for sure.

The price of the watch is expected around 12k to 14k INR which is the best price for the specs that this watch packs inside. So grab yourself one, if you are interested in the specs and the features.

And please note this post is not sponsored o affiliated by any company and this is purely out of my research and knowledge.

The GoodBye Part:

If you are capable of affording the Apple Watch, then my suggestion would be always going for Apple because of its sleekness, and apple offers more out of the box on the Apple Ecosystem.

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Hope you find this article informative enough. Thanks for spending time here.


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