Get the Arctic .50 (Exotic) Easy and Every time (Not Supply Drop)

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Get the Arctic .50 (Exotic) Easy and Every time (Not Supply Drop)

Call of Duty Mobile has become the talk of the town and every battle royale players are getting shifted from PUBG and Freefire for the immersive experience of this game. To be frank, the developers have done a great job!

So, In this article, let us see the easiest method to get this rare weapon Arctic .50 (Exotic) as soon as u land and not touching even a single supply drop.

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Long Story Short:

People who have no patience, all you have to do to get the Arctic .50 (Exotic) is to land on Circus and play a short game inside to unlock this special reward.

It is advised to go only if you have your teammate around, or else chances are your opponent will screw up your ass before you complete the game!

This is all patience I have got for the people without patience, so please have a minute or two to read the steps below

Steps to Find the Arctic .50 (Exotic):

You have to follow some simple steps below to receive the Arctic .50 Exotic in your game without having to go or wait for the supply drops. This is not a trick or hack, this is a hidden gem in Call of Duty Mobile.

Kindly follow the below steps to receive your In-game reward!

Step #1: Start a Classic Battle Royale

Gather a Friend or Two, and start a match in the Classic Battle Royale mode. This is advised because you need someone around to protect you when you are doing this process otherwise you’re screwed!

Land on the Circus area and grad some medics, weapons, and ammo for you and your partner to assist for safety when an opponent enters your region.

Step #2: Enter the Circus

The Circus is the best area for some good loot and this would suffice a gang with some good weapons and the attachments. But the problem is you won’t find a vehicle nearby most of the time, which should not be a big problem.

If you have a mechanic or scout, use their ability before entering the circus to be safe while the process gets over. Now, enter the circus with a partner.

Step #3: Dancing Eggs Game

As soon as you enter the circus, you can see some eggs that are dancing in the middle along with a pleasant tune on the background. Now, it’s time for stopping this by the sounds of your ammo.

Shoot the eggs all by yourself and don’t take the help of your partner in this, as there are chances you won’t get your expected reward!

Step #4: Collect the Loot now

Once you are done shooting the eggs, the eggs will give you some mid-range rewards that are worth wasting 1 minute for. Now collect the loot and leave some for your partner.

Step #5: Engage the Rabbit & Tortoise Game

Turn around and locate this funny yet cute rabbit and tortoise around you and start shooting at them. This engages them to move and complete shooting them as soon as possible.

Because you have to shoot it before they reach the finish line to get your reward or else you won’t get your expected reward in this game! So be careful and have your gun reloaded!

Step #6: Enjoy your Rewards

You will get a nice reward for the hard work you did (just kidding). I received two pairs of level 3 Vest, Extended Mags, AK117, two backpacks and finally the Arctic .50 (Exotic) as shown in the image (some of them collected).

The GoodBye Part:

Actually, the credits go to my partner who usually finds this kind of cool content inside the game and kudos for her! If you have any suggestions or any tricks about Call of Duty Mobile, feel free to leave a comment below.

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Hope this gives a piece of information today. Thanks for spending time here!


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