Get Free in Game Goodies in Call of Duty Mobile [New Users]

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Get Free in Game Goodies in Call of Duty Mobile [New Users]

Call of Duty has become the talk of the town nowadays as the game is highly appealing and the gameplay is simply awesome so that you cannot resist. This game is seriously taking down the craze on PUBG and getting everyone’s attention.

So, this article is mainly for the people who haven’t played Call of Duty Mobile yet. I’m going to share my invite code Y5BWQE so that you can earn some cool stuff to fire up your profile on Call of Duty.

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Why Call of Duty over PUBG Mobile?

This is the question for many of the people playing PUBG now and this question has to handled by a person who played both of them.

Myself is an Ace League Player on Season 5 in PUBG and now I’m a Master League Player on Season 5 in Call of duty Mobile. You can check them yourself and My Game Profiles are given below:

So, the reasons why i prefer Call of Duty over PUBG is because,

  • Call of Duty has better Graphics
  • There is lesser Tea Bagging!
  • In-game components are Interesting
  • Active development from the team
  • Secret elements inside the game
  • Exciting rewards and daily missions

How Call of Duty Looks Like:

Basically, this game has two game modes – Battle Royale and Multiplayer Modes. You can find my gameplay videos below.


Battle Royale:

New User Rewards:

Using my invite code can get you these rewards and this may help you in the initial stages to fire up the game. the rewards you get include,

  • BK57 Blue Chip Skin
  • 400 Credits
  • Violet XP Card

BK57 is a gun and you will get a custom skin for the gun to look cooler among your team mates and opponents. And initially, you won’t get that gun unlocked usually, with this invite code this is possible.

400 credits also help you unlock powers and unlock new gun skins and even sometimes improve the gun’s performance by providing additional powers. And XP cards are used to upgrade your weapons in the loadout.

This may look smaller to the people on higher levels, but for the beginners, this is a treat!

How to Get’em:

There are two ways of doing this, one way is to enter the Playstore and install the app Call of Duty Mobile by yourself and use the Invite Code Y5BWQE while registration.

The other way is to use the below link to download the app and proceed with the invitation code Y5BWQE while registration.

The GoodBye Part:

Call of Duty game can be even better when played on High graphics as they become stunning and the graphics can make you stick to that in no time. If you have any clarifications, feel free to leave a comment below.

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I hope you find this informative and you will love this game. thanks for Spending time here.


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