Best Web Hosting Service for Every Website – March 2020

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Best Web Hosting Service for Every Website – March 2020

Web Hosting is the service provided by a web hosting service provider which is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or web page to be viewed on the Internet.

So, In this article let us discuss the features and the benefits of hosting your website with Hostinger. Also, we will look into the reasons why I hosted my website and my projects on Hostinger.

This article is not sponsored by Hostinger or any of its affiliates and this article is purely written on my experiences with Hostinger. However, we have added our affiliate link at the bottom, using this while purchasing hosting will support us.

Check out the Plans of Hostinger here – Hosting Plans on Hostinger

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Why Hostinger?

Hostinger is one of the best hostings we have personally come across and all our sites run in the Hostinger servers and I will always recommend this to my clients as I’ve encountered zero issues with this hosting provider.

I recommend Hostinger because of this following parameters,

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Regular Backups
  • Free SSL with all Packages
  • High Efficient Hardware
  • Best Price Possible

I would highly expect these parameters while choosing the hosting provider for our websites and this enhances the performance of the website that is developed.

Scorecard of Hostinger:

Hostinger offers unmatched performance when it comes to Website load speeds, Caching, Optimization, etc., Hostinger has very attractive pricing for Business users who need power and performance for their apps.

According to me, Hostinger is very reliable as it posts the server uptime and the stats directly on its website and this, in turn, builds customer trust and transparency in terms of uptime guarantee.

Hostinger has A+ Grade in Site loads and the optimization the company is offering over the past years. And, for this price card, this is an absolute win for the client or the stakeholder.

Plans & Pricing:

The Plans offered by Hostinger are the same as the other Hosting providers but trust me, this is the most affordable hosting you will ever find on the internet offering unmatched services and resources.

The three plans Single, Premium, and Business target the three types of websites out there. Single is meant for the starters who are starting new and does not want to spend much beforehand.

And the Premium plan is for medium businesses and developers who develop medium complexity websites for their customers. And the Business plan is for the people who handle a large number of clients and a heavy workload on the servers.

The lowest plan starts at 0$ and 80 cents (Rs. 59) per month and the Highest plan costs around 3$ and 45 cents (Rs. 219) when you opt for the four-year hosting plan.

Check Hostinger Plans detailed here – Hostinger Plans

According to me, this is the best value for money hosting that you will ever find on the internet today. You can move or migrate your existing sites if you have any to Hostinger at discounted rates and you can place a request on their support for this.

The Uptime Guarantee:

Hostinger offers an uptime guarantee of 99.99% and if your site falls down for 4hrs in a day which makes the uptime for the month to be 99.95% will make you eligible for the 5% refund on your total hosting cost.

This is something cool that the company is offering and the competitors have the same refund policies but they are calculated yearly and Hostinger does that every month which is a very great thing the company is offering.

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Limitations of Hostinger:

As far as concerned Hostinger has no flaws or performance drawbacks to date but the brand has suffered a security breach in the past which may reduce the customer’s trust on hosting their site with Hostinger.

But, the company has a massive seven data centers around three continents and have their own firewall rules to handle DDoS and data recovery and constantly works on improvising their security services.

The GoodBye Part:

If you want a single YES or NO to this hosting, my answer would a big YES because no hosting provider on the market offers this much value for each penny paid and it’s completely worth it.

So, feel free to reach out if you have any clarifications on this, or if you think I have missed out a point, do comment below. Thanks for spending time here!


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