Top 5 Best Expense Tracker Applications for Mobile

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Top 5 Best Expense Tracker Applications for Mobile

Expense Tracking may be defined as the process of posting all the expenses that we perform in everyday life and generate a report for personal or any professional use. This is the usual working of any standard expense tracker applications in mobile devices.

In this article, I will be listing out the top 5 best mobile applications that are available for both Android and iOS platforms for managing the everyday expenses and will be listing out the features and drawbacks of each application.

Some of these apps are very regular as they just take in the inputs and generate a report for the same. That’s quite usual and they are available for free in most cases

But some apps offer some cool features, like receipt scanning, direct linking with bank accounts which makes the whole process so easier and automate the whole thing.

The Ranking:

  1. Fudget
  2. Wally Lite
  3. Spendee
  4. Money Lover
  5. Money Manager

Detailed Overview:

1. Fudget:

Fudget is a basic expense tracker application that is mainly built for maintaining a fixed budget for a month and it works the best on generating expense sheets.

This app allows you to create a manual expense in the feed and view hem as a monthly expense overview or a party expense overview.

The app is yet being simple does some great work when it comes to performance.

Available for Free and Pro available for $4


  • Easy option to add Income and Expenses
  • Ability to add multiple sheets
  • Allows Cloud sync
  • Pie Chart and Easy Export
  • Passcode and native lock options

Download: AndroidiOS

2. Wally Lite:

Wally Lite is highly recommended for University students and salaried bachelors who get a monthly income and make expenses out of it.

The app first gets your income as an input and displays the daily expense limit u can do and these updates with days.

This app always updates in accordance with the previous expenses and keeps you in control from overspending.

Wally Lite is completely free and available on both the platforms.


  • Daily Budget Display
  • Weekly Expenses overview
  • Updates with previous expenses
  • Overview Page for review
  • Locations Tab

Download: Android & iOS

3. Spendee:

Spendee is the best expense tracker app on the list and has many cool features that are more powerful and robust.

This app stands as my personal recommendation because this app provides a daily expense budget as well as a lifetime budget which is calculated based on your expenses and income sources.

This works perfectly well when you link your bank account, loan account, mortgage account, and credit card, etc.,

This app is available for free for basic charges and the company charges $23 for the premium features.


  • Fetches data from bank accounts
  • Attach actual accounts
  • Ability to add multiple accounts

Download: Android & iOS

4. Money Lover:

Money lover may be defined as an upgraded version of the Spendee app and comes with some extra features and an easily understandable UI.

Once you feed the data and link your accounts with the application, the applications list out the reports in a more understandable way.

This app has also some extra features for savings planning and that lets you save some bucks by motivating the user to keep focused on their goals.

This app is available for free for the standard functions and the premium features unlock at $5.


  • Link Multiple accounts
  • Savings & Budget planning
  • Daily Remainders to make entries
  • Customizable reports

Download: Android & iOS

5. Money Manager:

Money Manager is similar to Money Lover and Spendee but it comes packed with a Professional design that keeps this to the list.

This app also allows multiple accounts and options to add the entries for the income and expenses and shows the report based on the time frame selected.

But the added accounts do not sync automatically and the value remains as it is until it is manually updated.

This app is completely free for both the platforms.


  • Looks like a calendar view
  • Classified expense chart
  • Integrated user Interface

Download: Android & iOS

Final Verdict:

These are my final picks on Expense trackers for mobile and all of them work quite similar and I have compared all the paid and free apps in the category. As mentioned earlier, Spendee will be my recommendation for expense management on mobile.

The free apps are also equally productive as paid ones in terms of performance and operations performed by the app.

Like always, thanks for spending time here!

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