Mobile Apps that Wake You in a Different Way (Alarm Apps)

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Mobile Apps that Wake You in a Different Way (Alarm Apps)

Yesterday, I came across a random article on the internet which read 28% of Humans don’t hear the Alarm Sound and they are best deep sleepers in the world and this article is for those superhumans out there.

In this article, let us see the mobile alarm apps that wake you up in a whole different way that helps you get out of bed easier and even makes your day a lot better.

So, these apps are specifically targeted towards the users who are sound sleepers and those who can’t get out of bed easily. So, if you are someone of that kind above or a random reader who wants to wake a lot easier.

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1. Wakie Community:

Imagine waking up talking to a complete stranger in the morning with a good morning greeting from a stranger. This is where the Wakie Community comes into play.

This app lets you get a call in the morning at your specific time to wake you up. At first, it may look weird, but trust me this will make your day. Download the app right away and give it a try.

Basically, this app connects everyone around the globe and anyone can volunteer ourselves to wake others on their specified time. If there is no one to give you a call, then the app has a bot to call you.

Being a social person, this app concept is completely unique and this app really surprised me.

2. Walk Me Up:

As the name suggests, this app doesn’t alone wake you up, it also walks you up. This app is pedometer-based and counts the steps and the alarm stops only when you walk a certain amount of steps.

This app offers you two modes, the normal mode, and the evil mode. The normal mode lets you sleep for some more time by snoozing the alarm. but the evil mode doesn’t allow you to snooze the alarm and the only way to stop is walk.

Waking up is one of the hardest things for someone like me and this is where the app capitalizes the problem. I found this app does something out of the box and this deserves to be on this list.

3. Alarmy:

Alarmy is one of the event-based alarms that run on the native alarm module but the alarm defuses only when the task is completed. This app is available on both platforms.

This app offers three modes of operations – Photo Mode, Shake Mode & Math Solving Mode. In the photo mode, The app requests you to scan the place that you have provided earlier to stop the alarm.

The Shake mode is a different approach that requires you to shake the fifty times in order to stop the alarm. The Math solver mode requires you to solve simple math in order to stop the alarm.

This app finds its very own place on the list and it deserves it too.

4. Money Alarm:

This alarm is one of the weirdest alarms that anyone will use and I myself won’t use this app personally as I don’t trust my behavior that much. So this app requires the user to add a specific amount of money while setting up.

You should confirm on that app within 2 minutes of the alarm time that you are awake or else this app will deduct a particular amount of your balance to the developer.

This app might be for someone who requires this much craziness or can afford a dollar or two for a missed alarm. I personally won’t recommend but this crazy invention surely holds a place here.

5. UHP Alarm Clock:

For someone who is very keen on their social media accounts, this app can be your life saver or the worst nightmare and it truly depends on how you use this app.

This app offers two modes, the Path Walker Mode and the Social Media Alarm. The Path walker alarm requests you to walk a certain path to a specific place in the house or a pattern of a walk to the corridor.

The Social media mode is quite dangerous as this mode will post anything to your social media profile if you ignore the alarm and sleep. Interesting and at the same time alarming right? Check this out.

Unfortunately, this app is available only on iOS and it is offered at $1.99 USD.

The GoodBye Part:

We hope you found this article interesting, weird or the craziest way of waking up every morning. Share your comments below!

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Thanks for spending time here.


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