Best Cheap Hand Gesture Controlled Drone – November 2019

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Best Cheap Hand Gesture Controlled Drone – November 2019

Drones or Quadcopters have become very popular in 2019 and it is been widely used in most of the aerial photography requirements and controlling the drone at first may be a nightmare but when you get used to it, it’s a lot intresting.

So, In this article, the cheapest hand gesture-controlled drone is reviewed thoroughly and the pros and cons of the product are discussed briefly.

We are going to do an extensive review of the product Hand Gesture Controlled Drone.

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The Key Features:

  • Obstacle Avoidance IR Sensors
  • Hand Gesture Control Band
  • Throw to Fly
  • 2.4G Gravity Sensor
  • 3D Flips and Cool Lights
  • One Key Takeoff / Land
  • Altitude Hold

The Detailed comparison of the drone is as follows,

Design & Build:

The Main drone is made of hard plastic and comes in yellow and black color tone and the material is very sturdy and not easily breakable. The Wing protectors offer good protection to the blades and keep them safe.

This drone features four Obstacle avoidance sensors on all the directions which prevent the drone from getting hit on the wall or any other object. This sensor makes the drone move in the opposite direction of the object it senses.

LED lights are surrounded on the whole chassis of the drone which makes it more attractive and eye-catching when its flying and offers a clear view of the drone from the ground.

The drone achieves a height of about 30 to 40m. The build is sturdy and the design is eye-catching, so nothing to complain here.

Initial Setup:

The Bottom of the drone features a battery case that must be opened and the main circuit wire has to be connected to the battery terminal to power up the drone.

Once powered up, the center button on the top of the drone is held until the LED’s on the drone lights up. This indicates that the drone is ready to fly.

If you are using the Indoor Remote, then place the drone on the floor and long-press the button on the remote. This will lift the drone to a certain height and it keeps on moving inside the room without hitting any of the objects.

You can hold the same button to bring the drone to the ground using the Indoor remote.

If you are using the Hand Gesture Band, then hold the power button on the hand gesture band until the drone gets paired to the remote.

Now click on the finger button to launch the drone. The same button is used to bring the drone back to the ground.


The drone operates in a complete headless mode and the drone moves forward /backward/right/ left based on the movement of the hand.

In order to control the height of the drone, the button is double pressed until the required height is achieved. Triple press the same button to do a 3d flip.

The indoor remote has only one button and that is mainly used for taking off or landing purposes.

Flight Duration and Stability:

The flight offers a flight time of about 8 minutes and it requires 45 minutes to charge from 0 to 100. The overall stability of the drone is excellent and at this price point, the aesthetics and features of the drone are worth it.

Get yourself a drone and check the characteristics of the drone by yourself.

What’s in the Package:

  • Drone Unit x 1
  • Drone Battery Charging cable x 1
  • Indoor Remote x 1
  • Hand Gesture Remote x 1
  • Hand Glove Charging Cable x 1
  • Safety Blades x 2
  • Screw Driver x 1
  • User Manual x 1

Final Thoughts:

So, should you buy this drone for the price (2000 to 2500) rupees?

Well, according to me, this drone is worth the money spent and I would recommend this to any beginner who wants to experience the working of a drone.

Go ahead and give yourself a try on this drone and trust me you won’t be disappointed. Get Yourself one using the link below.

The GoodBye Part:

This is everything about the Hand Gesture controlled drone and hope you find this article explanatory and answers all your doubts. Thanks for spending time here.


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  1. But, many countries like Austrian, Portugal etc. include legalized the game and folks are liberated to enjoy in almost any spot Germany.

    • Yes, but here in india its always restricted to fly drones on closed areas and flying drones in public areas require a drone license and permission from the authorities.


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