How to Turn Your Old Gadgets into Smart Gadgets

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How to Turn Your Old Gadgets into Smart Gadgets

In the era of the most recent few years, the redesign pattern of gadgets has gotten quicker and quicker. Brands dispatch redesigned variations of their gadgets one to two times each year with improved features and unrivaled equipment. let’s see How to Turn Your Old Gadgets into Smart Gadgets.

This has brought about individuals moving to new gadgets on very nearly a yearly cycle, particularly with regards to handheld gadgets. Be that as it may, what befalls your old gadgets?

A few people auction or part with their old devices, however for most others, these old gadgets are kept away. Rather than letting your old gadgets aggregate earth, you can put them to substitute employments. Here is a speedy manual to help you repurpose your gadget.


Phones take the spot with regards to how oftentimes individuals change them. Except if your phone is totally harmed or lost, and that is your purpose behind the update, at that point, you won’t have an extra phone.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are redesigning your gadget and your old phone is as yet working accurately; you have the choice of different elective employments. 

Old Gadgets
Turn your Old Gadgets into Smart Gadget

1. Security or Baby camera –

One of the most available choices is to begin utilizing your extra phone as a surveillance camera or a child screen.

There are different applications accessible, yet we suggest that iOS clients attempt Cloud Baby Monitor or anything while Android clients can attempt at home Camera or Security Camera CZ.

You introduce the application in your extra just like your new phone, and afterward, you can utilize your new phone to see the feed from the extra phone. 

2. White Noise Generator –

While phones are normally the main source for individuals not resting on schedule. You can utilize them to assist you with getting the chance to rest too. Repetitive sound is known to help individuals to get the opportunity to rest better, and you can get to them on your phone without any problem.

There are a few background noise applications, for example, rain sleep sounds, atmosphere, my-noise, or relax Melodies accessible for the two iOS and Android to relieve you into resting quicker. 

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Some gadgets
Some Old Gadgets

3. Morning timer –

Instead of setting up and napping alerts on your new phone, repurpose your old phone as a devoted morning timer.

You can utilize a progressed application, for example, AlarmMon (iOS and Android) to arrange up your alerts and afterward use it with a speaker dock to get you up toward the beginning of the day just as set cautions for different things for the duration of the day. 

4. Web camera –

The issue with generally implicit cameras on PCs is that they offer helpless picture quality. This is the reason it’s an extraordinary thought to utilize your old phone as a webcam – it would have a greatly improved camera than your PC.

You can utilize applications like DroidCam and EpocCam to add the webcam usefulness to your phone. Simply interface the phone to your PC, run the application, and make a point to prop up the extra smartphone on a tripod or a stand. 

5. Location Tracker –

You can utilize your old phone to monitor your vehicle’s area. You have to keep a SIM with information dynamic on the phone and afterward place it in the vehicle. You would then be able to utilize Find My component to follow the phone’s area whenever.

This is helpful on the off chance that you speculate your driver is abusing your vehicle and need to keep a watch as opposed to putting resources into a devoted tracker. 

6. Music Jukebox –

Your extra phone can be forever associated with your home speaker arrangement and utilized as a Music or radio player. There are various sound applications accessible for iOS and Android in which you can make a customized playlist or tune in to a preset radio station.

Rather than looking for music or moving it starting with one gadget then onto the next, utilize the extra phone as a committed music player. You can even associate it with your vehicle while going on movement. 

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Tablets are not as normal as phones, yet their utilization has gotten in the previous hardly any years as training devices. While individuals don’t will in a general cycle through tablets routinely, there are chances that you would have an old tablet lying around someplace.

The huge bit of leeway of the tablet is that you get an enormous screen, which makes it incredible for different interchange purposes. 

1. Digital book Reader –

A phone’s little screen isn’t the best for perusing long books. In any case, your extra tablet, then again, is a brilliant alternative for perusing. There are different applications accessible, yet we prescribe adhering to the Kindle application or the kobo book peruser application to begin.

You can download books directly to your gadget. You can even utilize applications, for example, discernible in the event that you incline toward book recordings. 


2. Digital Photo Viewer –

The huge screen of your tablet is extraordinary to use as an advanced photograph outline. You have to duplicate all your photographs to the gadget or utilize the ones put away on the cloud.

IPad clients can get the free LiveFrame application while Android clients can go for the Foto application. Both applications are incredible photograph slideshow players and can likewise show current time and date alongside the photographs.

You would need to put resources into a spread that lets you keep your tablet in a happy with survey plot for it to work best. 


Except if you have a genuinely old PC, it would have accompanied 500GB of capacity and have some rendition of Windows. Typically, working PCs are either auctions off or offered away to relatives. In any case, in the event that you have an extra Windows PC around, at that point you can utilize it as a media server or as a retro gaming console. 

1. Media Server –

The odds are that you would have sound and recordings put away in your PC or outer drives from the yesteryears. You can repurpose your PC to go about as a media server and stream these put-away recordings to your phone or your savvy TV. This can be immediately done utilizing Plex (

Introduce the server on your PC, set the media index where all the documents are put away, and afterward introduce the player application on your TV or phone and access them whenever. 

2. Retro Gaming Console –

While your old PC may not be extraordinary for current games, it can work very well for retro games. You can get more seasoned games on Steam or

You can even make a beeline for download exemplary games from that point for your PC. Interface the PC to your TV through video-out and utilize a wired or remote joystick controller to improve the good times.

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