Seven New Features For WhatsApp are Coming Soon

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Seven New Features For WhatsApp are Coming Soon

In the current beta version of WhatsApp, new features have created the impression that we have just had the option to survey on the site Let’s discuss New Features For WhatsApp.

1. WhatsApp Animated stickers 

WhatsApp Animated stickers
WhatsApp Animated stickers 

For quite a while, WhatsApp clients have had the option to handily send pictures in chats. Nonetheless, the stickers were not animated as of not long ago. WhatsApp will present new sticker sets in the coming weeks that will incorporate animated pictures. 

2. QR Codes 

QR Codes
QR Codes 

Up to now, including a WhatsApp contact consistently included sparing the contact’s phone number. WhatsApp at long last presents QR codes that permit contact to be immediately examined.

For this reason, WhatsApp presents another tab in the menu, which shows your own QR code or permits you to examine QR codes. So as to check other QR codes, WhatsApp must be offered access to the camera. 

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3. WhatsApp Web Dark Mode 

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode
WhatsApp Web Dark Mode 

The component ought to have just been gotten by most clients at this point. WhatsApp Web gets the dark mode that has been accessible for WhatsApp and iOS and Android for quite a while.

So the work area application will at long last have a pleasant darkened hope to coordinate the application. 

4. Changes in Group Calls 

After WhatsApp expanded the quantity of video call members to eight, the Facebook auxiliary currently improves the perception of gathering calls. Later on, it will be conceivable to tap and hold a discussion accomplice in video visits to see them in full screen.

Likewise, bunch visits with up to eight individuals get another symbol to begin a gathering call with a single tick. 

5. Multi-Device support 

WhatsApp is purportedly taking a shot at a feature that would permit clients to utilize WhatsApp on two distinct gadgets at the same time called multi-gadget support, the Facebook-upheld informing application.

For example, in the event that you are utilizing WhatsApp on your phone, you will have the option to utilize it on your tablet simultaneously. Each time another gadget is included, a warning will be shown in the application. 

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6. Disappearing and Self-Destructing messages

Disappearing and Self-Destructing messages
Disappearing and Self-Destructing messages

The Delete Messages include on WhatsApp will empower clients to set a period breaking point to their chats. The component can be empowered either for gathering or individual chats.

For example, when you switch the Delete Message flip on for a specific chat, you will have the option to set a period limit for your chats. All things considered, you can make your message last either for an hour or seven days.

You additionally have the choice to switch the Delete Message flip off. WhatsApp is as yet taking a shot at this component yet it was seen in the Android beta form. There is no declaration about the official turn out of the component. 

7. Verified Sent messages 

The world is likewise engaging deception that movements generally through social media. WhatsApp too turns into the transporter of phony news more often than not. So in an offer to control falsehood, WhatsApp is supposedly dealing with a component that would permit clients to confirm messages that they get on WhatsApp.

According to WABetainfo, WhatsApp is attempting to acquaint a few choices with dispatch the component for Frequently Forwarded Messages. When the feature is actualized, clients will see a pursuit symbol directly close to the messages that are sent.

On the off chance that you click on the inquiry symbol, WhatsApp will inquire as to whether you need to look through the message on Google to check the realness of the message or not.


As referenced over, the Dark mode should as of now be accessible on WhatsApp Web. Clients of the web application will locate the fitting arrangement under Settings Option. WhatsApp plans to reveal different features in the coming weeks for Android and iOS, as the Messenger writes in early July.

Hope you love our article on New Features For WhatsApp.

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