Government Restricts Mobile Gaming to 1.5 hours a Day

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Government Restricts Mobile Gaming to 1.5 hours a Day

China has come up with strict rules for young gamers to reduce mobile gaming addiction and thereby increasing the tentative working time of the individual across the nation.

So, In this article, let us look into the rules that the china government has proposed and how serious and concerned is the government on the well being of their individuals.

So, the following are the statements that are put forward by the Chinese government,

  • Youngsters are allowed to spend a maximum of 1.5 hours on weekdays for online gaming
  • A three cap time cap for the weekends for online gaming.
  • Gaming is allowed only during the hours 8 am to 10 pm and gaming from 10 pm to 8 am is strictly prohibited.
  • Children below the age of 8 are banned from playing games that require payment.

Reasons stated:

The country claims that 14% of the total population are addicted to the internet either surfing the internet or playing online games. That accounts for 33 million youngsters addicted to the internet in the nation.

Also, the spokesperson came up with a guy who wore nappies to skip the toilet breaks to play 17 hours of continuous gaming online a day. If this continues, this situation will go worse and the children will lose their lives on the internet.

The rule also states that the children should go to bed by 10 pm even if they haven’t completed their homework.

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OverSpending on Entertainment:

The Chinese government has passed orders to the entertainment firms that they should not allow the children under the age of 8 to use their application that requires cash payment.

Also, the government has capped the amount a young gamer (8Y to 16Y) spends to the maximum of 200 yuan (2000 INR) a month and a single spend cannot extend 50 yuan (500 INR).

Adult gamers are capped to a monthly spend of 400 yuan (4000 INR) and the single spend should be capped to 100 Yuan (1000 INR).

Implementation of the Rules:

The gamers are required to obtain a gamer id from the government in order to access the online games and co-ordinated with the firms to restrict users without the gamer id and track the usage of each gamer ID.

The young people nowadays started to ignore their studies, social lives, and families in order to spend some extra time surfing the internet or playing online games. The government claims it to be a clinical disorder.

For some serious cases, the internet addicts are sent to DIGITAL DETOX BOOT CAMPS that are specially organized by the government and they help the victims to recover from the addiction.

The GoodBye Part:

As far as I could decode these rules, I find the rules to be valid and these restrictions can surely help the smartphone addiction among the users and this is a way for a better future.

Share your opinions on the comment section below and let your friends and family that the Chinese Government has capped online gaming to 1.5 hours a day.

Hope this article was explanatory and thanks for spending time here.


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