Best Trading Mobile App to Earn from home – April 2020

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Best Trading Mobile App to Earn from home – April 2020

Where there is a risk, there is always a Profit, and where there is Profit, there is always a risk. With this being said, one of the easiest ways of earning money online is Trading and of course, it comes with a risk and I will help you overcome it.

This post is not sponsored by Binany or any of its affiliates and this is completely written on my personal usage and I wanted to make you people know the opportunity here and make the most of it.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Trading platform Binany, the possibilities of earning money with this app and tips to make the most of it.

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The overview of the content is,

  • What is Binany
  • Why Binany for Trading
  • Basic Requirements
  • Steps for Starting a Trade
  • Tips for Success
  • My Earnings in 2 Days
  • Limitations

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What is Binany?

Binany is an Online trading platform where you can trade Currencies and Assets (Gold, BTC, etc). In Binany, you should predict or guess the graph for a stipulated time and if your guess was right, you will earn up to 185% of the amount you traded.

For Example, if you trade ₹100 on USD/CHF for 15 minutes and you guess the graph goes up from the current point, there will be two chances,

  • If your guess was right, you get back ₹185 (approx and varies based on the options)
  • If your guess was wrong, you get back nothing (₹0)

The time limit for the trade ranges from 1 minute to 15 minutes. So the possibilities are you can earn up to 85% of the amount you are trading every minute if your guesses turn to be correct.

Why Binany for Trading?

Binany has a ton of cool features for making your first ever trade as comfortable as possible. And when I came to the thought of trying out the online trading apps, I did some research and over all of them, Binany got my attention because,

  • You can start as low as ₹300 and all payment options available (Paytm / UPI / etc)
  • No Complex documentation, you need your email and a registered mobile number to start.
  • Highly Responsive Chat Support for your queries
  • Ad-Free and Smooth Android Application

Basic Requirements:

Creating an account on Binany is super easy, and all you need is an email address and mobile number along with your basic details like,

  • Name
  • Address
  • Paytm Registered Mobile Number (for withdrawals)
  • Non-spam Email address

Steps to Fire things up:

Follow these simple steps below and you could also earn huge money you wouldn’t imagine. So, Let’s get started.

Step #1: Download the Mobile App:

Since Playstore does not permit this kind of apps so easily, you have to download the app from their official site or you can use the link below. The App is completely malware-free and safe!

Step #2: Register an Account:

Give some basic details like your name, address, mobile, and your email address and you should be able to create an account in a matter of 2 minutes.

Verify your email address and login to the mobile app using your credentials.

Step #3: Playing around:

So, once the setup is done, all you see is graphs and small values you have no idea about. Don’t worry Binany gives you 5000 demo cash to play with to understand how the trade works.

You can try to predict the graphs and try different timing patterns and you can learn how the system works. This is not rocket science and you should be fine in about 30 minutes of testing things out

Step #4: Getting your Initial Funds:

Like in every business, there is an investment and in Binany it starts at ₹300 and once you have added the funds, switch from Demo Account to Live Account.

Since this is a live account, all things you play with the cost you real money and be careful of what you do. Have your trades minimal and only trade when you are confident.

Step #5: Withdrawing your Earnings:

Binany has a cap of ₹3000 for Paytm Withdraws and ₹5000 for Bank Account withdraws. It may sound spamming but trust me with some dedication and smart work, it does not take long to earn ₹3000.

Read Below how I turned ₹300 to ₹3500 in just days only by using Binany. USe my tricks below and you can do it even in a day!

Tips for a Successful Trade:

As I have used these tricks and earned ₹3200 in just two days and using the app for only 1 hour a day maximum, this should work for you also. Follow my tricks below and you can also win a huge amount in no time.

  • Always Remember to Trade only 10% of your Balance, if you have ₹300, trade only ₹30 to be on the safer side and have stable earnings.
  • Look for Sharp Transition points and Trade in the approaching direction with 2 minutes i.e., If the graphs keep on dropping for a long time and suddenly have an upward movement, that is called a transition point and this is where you should trade for higher profits.
  • Don’t ever play with oscillating curves as they are highly unpredictable and will surely ditch you (Oscillating curves are bitches)
  • Have some intervals between the trades to have a clear and unbiased thought on the decisions.
  • Once you reach the threshold, it’s safe to withdraw and start the process from the beginning to have safety on the capital.

My Earning in two Days:

I came across this app from a friend of mine on 09/04/2020 and decided to give it a try on 10/04/2020 and deposited ₹300 to my account and started to play with things around and managed to learn how the system works.

I invested only 10% of the amount every time and by the end of 10th April 2020, I managed to make around ₹690 in my account and this got me up.

And started the trade the next day and after some losses, I managed to win more than my losses and voila I got ₹2940 in my account.

And here comes the next day in which I’m writing this post, I did some trades and to my luck, all the deals were a success and at the end of noon, I managed to have ₹3603 and decided to take ₹3500 out and continue with the ₹100 thereon.

And I am super excited to tell this to you and hope this helps you earn money despite the Lockdown we face currently.

I have attached my screenshots for your reference and my personal details have been hidden for reducing the spam.


  • Involves a lot of Risks, if you invest the whole money in over belief, chances are you get wiped.
  • High Threshold of ₹3000 for withdraw, but not a matter of concern if you are successful in your deals.
  • Requires Luck, which is another unpredictable factor

The GoodBye Part:

Okay winding up things, this is not a sponsored or affiliated post and I’m not earning a penny out of it. After using it personally, I thought this would help people in boredom during this lockdown days.

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If you have any doubts about this, feel free to drop a comment below and I will respond at the earliest.

Hope this helps a few and Cheers!

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  1. Hello sir this binany is safe na i mean ager mene paytm se trasaction kiya n withdraw kiya to koi legal issue nai hoga na


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