Why Google, Facebook, and Whatsapp Blocked in China?

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Why Google, Facebook, and Whatsapp Blocked in China?

China is a very self-served country that does not allow any other nation to use its citizen’s data for any purpose and the nation is very keen about it. So, what’s the relation between data privacy and app restrictions? Let’s find out.

So, In this article let us discuss the reasons why China has blocked these Apps that are very popular and International brands that are available throughout the world.

Google means everything for the world right? The Search, Mail, Maps, and literally every other feature we use every day. How the citizens of China are doing their tasks will be your biggest question.

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Let us know everything inside out regarding the reason behind the government from blocking these apps for their citizens.

So, China Blocked every other International Companies?

The answer would be no. China blocks the leading companies like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and of course Google, and even many more. But the country allows some international companies in their nation.

Yes, you heard it right. China Allows MSN, Windows, Bing and surprisingly Apple. But Chinese people have the ability to produce the 99.99% Fake copies of the iPhone but still, the company manages to make their mark in China.

China has them all:

This is the main reason behind china restricting users from accessing the major data-stealing companies on the internet. They call this a security measure for protecting the privacy of the users and their data.

The Chinese people are experts in creating the clones for everything. This is the major reason behind the government restricting users from accessing the apps.

They have developed an exact alternative for every app they are restricting the access to. Those apps seem to have the same exact features of the original apps that they have created replicas from.

The country claims this action as a measure of protecting its citizen’s data and keeping it safer on the country.

Are those Apps Available for Everyone?

In order to create an account on their platform, you have to provide your PERSONAL ID on the platform and you can create only one user account using the Id. So, by this measure, spam accounts are easily prevented.

The accounts created by every user and their activity on all those accounts are easily accessible and tracked by the Chinese Government easily and any activity against the government on social media is easily prevented.

They believe that the internet is the fastest medium to spread the news on the internet and share personal views of someone on the internet. Knowing that the government is watching, citizens will be more cautious about what they share.

And the apps we share in common are not the same as they are entirely different and the content showed on our website and china are entirely different and the Chinese government filters around 50% of the data

Data Centers are under Government Control:

All the Datacenters of the allowed IT companies are under the control of the government and the government decides what to be displayed on the internet.

This is because China has been governed by a single party and there are no competitors or opposition parties. So, they want the same thing to be maintained and they don’t want anyone against them.

What if China Lacks a Feature?

If a company offers a unique service that is not present in China at the moment, it will allow the company to work in China with zero restrictions and see them working and the features of the product.

In the meantime, the Chinese government will develop a ditto company with the exact features and keep it running. Once the company gets on the track, the Chinese government will pass rules and take steps to shut down the company.

This is how many products are copied and later restricted in China. This has been a habit for the people there when they look for new technology.

Are other countries Vulnerable?

There are chances that the data of other country citizens may be used or accessed by the top Chinese apps that are very popular in the worldwide market. Chinese apps account for about 25/50 top apps in the world.

So far, it seems that the data accessed by these Chinese apps are safe and it may change at any instant as these data are completely under the control of the Chinese government.

Note: The image credits belong to the respective creators and all these images are sourced from google.

The GoodBye Part:

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Thus these are the reasons that China blocked the common apps that are used by worldwide users. I hope you find this article interesting and thanks for spending time here.



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