Get Ahead In Video Marketing With These 7 Exceptional Expert Tips

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Get Ahead In Video Marketing With These 7 Exceptional Expert Tips

The best way to market your brand is still in discussion among the juggernauts of marketing all over the world, but the most engaging method to put your brand out there is largely agreed to be video advertising by most experts globally. Hence, the fact that 54% of the users want to see more video content by the brands that they follow (Source).

Video marketing has seen a plunge of innovation in its sphere, some of them being Programmed Interactive Film, Augmented Reality, and 360-degree videos. Nevertheless, the reason for its success remains the same – that is, content with substance. If your content resonates well with the audience, your brand will definitely go viral, if not immediately. A little bit of expertise in this domain will go a long way.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss 7 exceptional video marketing tips for your brand to be at the top of its game:

1. Know Your Audience

Never be discouraged by the idea that it’s difficult to understand what your audience thinks. The idea is not to understand your audience but to know them. Insights about them will automatically come to you when you’ve researched them well.

The question then arises: how do you get to know them? The answer is quite simple – through the data such as their age, gender, demography, interests, attitude towards your product and your industry in general, etc. Various online analytics tools can help you derive this data.

After gathering this information, think about the common value that they have considering their lifestyle and culture. Now whatever content you make, remember to base this value as the underlying theme of the film. Inject colloquialism in the video’s language.

2. Build A Narrative

You will not be surprised to know that having a narrative in your content is the perfect recipe to hook your viewers. Storytelling in marketing can be a powerful tool to leave a mark on the customers’ minds. A good product might achieve the sales target, but a product with a good story will be remembered even after decades.

What drives a good story is ’emotion’. Not just that romantic, pessimistic feeling but any emotion that secretes hormones in our brain, These include suspense, humor, love, or a sense of belonging, in that case. But do remember that the hero of your video should be your product, always.

3. Using Product Functionalism

You might have seen many successful video marketing campaigns in which the functionality (or the solution) offered by the product is incorporated in varying degrees. There is no secret formula for the amount of product involvement in any ad. 

Many ads only have a subtle passing frame of the product, while there are many others that use the functionality of the product as the sole crux of the ad. So the idea here is not to choose one thing between function and emotion but to instill that particular emotion as a tone of your ads and thereby your product.

Two very common and significant examples of this quality are Nike and Fevicol. Nike has made itself synonymous with the feeling of doing and motivation. And Fevicol is associated with the tone of subtle humor in the audience’s minds.

4. Editing The Right Way

A good story will engage your audience, and a good edit will make a lasting impression on them. The kind of look and feel you impart your video through editing will define the perception of your brand in the market.

The question to ask then could be: how to make a video with pictures and music to create the desired perception? There are a number of tools both, desktop software and online apps, that can do your job well through features like frame juxtaposition, music incorporation, and online footage addition (if you’re not an expert). Make sure of two important things: add your logo in all the brand films, and call-to-action mustn’t be forgotten ever.

5. Injecting Money Into Marketing

In the era of social media, the job of the marketer has become both simpler and difficult – simple because now the advertiser can be definite about his audience, insights, cost of converting a lead, etc. And it’s become difficult because he’ll have to take care of all the aforementioned aspects about his content being marketed online.

So, our first advice for you is to target a niche both in terms of psychography and demography. There is no point in targeting people in radius as large as 10,000 km. The other thing is that gradually you’ll see that some keywords are rather working negatively for your ad and some other keywords that are performing exceptionally well. Here, comes the job of optimization.

6. Diversifying The Kind Of Videos

Most people follow the unsaid rule that only well-produced, money-spent advertisements should be advertised. You don’t have to follow this line. We recommend you to create a potpourri of various kinds of videos. Don’t wait to become completely formal to interact with your audience. Instead, the audience wants the brand to be more accessible, so don’t hesitate to reveal the informal moments of your brand. They’ll be elated.

Here, you can bring them a variety of content, including product unpacking & demonstration, customer testimonials, interaction sessions with the people behind your brand, and the best one – live query solving sessions. The list is not exhaustive. Indeed, the customers will feel more connected when they see the human side of your brand through these videos.

7. Platform-Centric Marketing

Using all platforms is a no-brainer for most people, but how to use each platform the right way is where a few go wrong. Every platform has its advantages, and you should learn to leverage them. For example, Instagram is great for short videos (<1 min) because many users don’t like to get redirected to the IGTV section, where videos of greater length are broadcast.

Since on Facebook, you don’t need to open any extra window for viewing lengthier videos, we could say that Facebook is long-form friendly. The rules stand different for Twitter. Not everything you post on Instagram and Facebook is well-suited for Twitter. Believe us when we say that Twitter is not for impulsive content. To strike the right perception, upload content which cannot be misconstrued in any different manner, unless if you want to take a political stand.

These suggestions encompass your whole video-making process from scratch to delivery. Although you’ll learn more as you go ahead with the process, we’re sure that these tips will help you get ahead in video marketing.

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