Top 10 Strange Things Every College boy Needs (July 2019)

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Top 10 Strange Things Every College boy Needs (July 2019)

The college will be the best part of our life when we get the best people around us, despite the academics, we will face all types of emotions and this remains the stage where a boy turns into a man.

In this article, I will be listing out the top 10 strange things that every college boy needs and these are available on

This does not include the common things we wish for like the boots, watches or even belts or clothing. Instead, the really strange things that you need or could be comfortable when you have these.

All the products listed below have more than 3.5/5 ratings and are below 1000 bucks making everything affordable for college students.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

1. Shoe Deodoriser:

Shoes and socks will become your daily must wear things when you get into some decent institution for a professional course. Sweat odour from the Shoes may be the worst thing you can worry about.

I will suggest you this Clean Air Shoe Deodorizer, Odor Eliminator Spray for All Shoes with Anti Bacterial Properties -Sandalwood – 40 ml which claims to keep your shoes and socks odour free.

It has Antibacterial Property which removes odour generated through sweat and prevents bacteria growth which causes bad smell throughout the day and neutralizes the atmosphere.

2. Pocket Comb:

A Messy hair always affects your look and shows you so freaky and being freaky in some colleges may be the worst idea as you have to deal with some rude officials most of them are bald anyway.

Hairstyles have nothing to do with academics, but this fact is not accepted by our teachers, advisors, HODs and some disciple committee people to be precise.

So keeping your hair properly dressed can probably increase your time with your girlfriend rather than standing at the Advisor counter for collecting your snatched ID cards.

Foldable pocket combs come handier when you need to comb your hair and I will suggest Roots Hair Combs – Brown Folding Pocket Comb with Clip

3. Driving Glasses:

When you are someone who takes a bike for your daily commutes and you are someone who does not wear any eyeglasses, then these glasses can come handier to you during daily commutes.

The environment is getting polluted and day by day we are getting exposed to a lot of dust, air pollutants that may harm our eye if exposed to it.

We would suggest Arzonai Men’s UV-400 Protected Sunglasses Night Driving Glasses Hector Sports Wrap Matte Black, 64mm (Translucent White Lens) to keep your eyes free from such dust particles.

4. Compact PowerBank:

In this digital world, every gadget you own from mobiles to wireless earphones run on battery power and they will run out very sooner on the longer run.

Losing your juice at your mid-day can be the worst deal when you are somewhere stuck in boring classes, long travels or struck among some stupid people.

To overcome this, I would suggest this power bank Pebble 10000 mAh Pico Palm Sized Power Bank to get some extra juice on the gadgets to keep you entertained

5. Card Organizer:

If you are someone like me who has an account on all banks, a curious driver who gets his license the next day he turns 18 and an active citizen who gets his Voters Id, Pan Card, etc on time, then this wallet is for you.

Just kidding! To keep your debit cards, credit cards, bus passes, license, etc., and some cash and coins, I would suggest you Storite 13 Slot Leather Brown Credit Card Case to keep everything organized.

6. Motivational Desk Calendar:

The thing you see after waking up has a real impact on your day as this decides the overall attitude you are showing people the whole day.

It is very important to keep you motivated when you are waking up and most of us are not rich enough to hire a personal assistant to utter us Good morning sir! every time we wake up.

So, to keep this simple, we can suggest you a motivational desk calendar AccuPrints 2019 Desk Calendar and Planner with Motivational Quotes that will surely motivate you when you see them after a long nap you had.

7. Shirt Tucker Belt / Thigh Suspender:

Tucked in shirts is the most annoying thing you can ever have as those extra set of clothes tightly packed can make you feel locked up somewhere.

But when a situation insists or you have to be on a formal dress code with tucked shirts and striped pants, then why not make the best of it?

If tucked in shirts are in your daily attire, I would suggest you the Jelinda Men’s Dress Shirt Stays Leg Thigh Suspender Garters to keep your shirt perfectly tucked even if you are doing some workouts with your formals on.

8. Head Bands:

If you are someone who loves to have his hair hanging on the front, trust me it would be comfortable for you after a long day.

The hanging hairs will hit your eyes, cover your vision, may even show you have a bald spot on one side when you traveling fast on bikes, local commutes, etc.,

I would suggest you get a hairband SKUDGEAR Sweat Absorbent Headband for Men that covers or holds up your hair and makes you comfortable at the end of the day.

9. Men Face Wipes:

Cleansing your face can be a challenge while you are on the go. No matter where you are, enjoy a fresh look in just a minute.

Packed with the goodness of aloe vera, Himalaya moisturizing aloe vera facial wipes help moisturize and soothe your skin while effectively removing dirt.

In addition to keeping your face moisturized, Himalaya moisturizing aloe vera facial wipes are a boon for those wearing makeup.

So, I would suggest you get this Himalaya Moisturising Aloe Vera Facial Wipes for keeping your face fresh any part of the day.

10. Emergency Toolkits:

Anything can happen anytime on this unassured life and this is where we have to be more cautious about anything that threatens us.

Or you may end up in a critical situation that needs some tools for you to escape the situation. So we would suggest you get Gadget Hero’s Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 Survival Tool Kit

Hope you liked this article. Do let me know if you have any comments or suggestions to improve our content using the comment box below.

Thanks for spending time here!

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