Tips and Tricks to quickly boost slow internet speed

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Tips and Tricks to quickly boost slow internet speed

Despite the fact that across the country lockdown is being facilitated, a large number of us are as yet working from our homes. During this time we are utilizing a ton of data for working. So today I am going to tell you tricks to quickly boost slow internet speed.

What’s more, because of that a great deal of us putting a strain on the systems and some have seen a huge drop in the download and transfer speeds. 

In the event that you think you are encountering moderate web speeds, this is what you can do to attempt to fix the issue: 

Tricks to quickly boost slow internet speed

boost slow internet speed
Check your internet speed

1) Instructions to check web speed 

Checking web speeds on a work area or PC expects you to open your preferred internet browser and head to a speed testing site like or

There you will have the option to check the download and transfer speeds your network access supplier is conveying. 

To verify on a mobile you can make a shortcut for sites like or and tap empower the work area site see from the choices. You can likewise download a web speed testing application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. 

2) Fixing WiFi speeds 

Now that you are telecommuting, your 2Mbps data plan which maximizes at 100GB probably won’t have the option to take the outstanding task at hand.

We prescribe that you talk with your ISP first to know whether you have completed your information top and furthermore check on the off chance that you need speed more than what your present plan offers. 

Due to continually remaining on the internet some of the time the router/switch gets excessively hot and has a lot of operational issues.

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You can attempt to fix this by just rebooting your WiFi switch. On the off chance that that doesn’t fix the issues, there may be a specialized issue with your switch, for which you should call your ISP to come and supplant it.

If nothing, unless there are other options, understand your speed issues, you should eliminate content gushing untruth tuning in to music, with the goal that your WiFi can give you speed to handle your everyday work.

In the wake of completing your work, you can return to your gushing and messing around. 

Check if your PC or any of your home part’s smartphones have not begun refreshing out of sight. Updates take up a great deal of transfer speed. 

Fix your Internet Speed
Fix your Internet Speed

3) Fixing portable information speeds 

Check if your phone is getting full signals or not. Now and then the gadgets don’t get appropriate signals because of which the web speeds vary. 

Check on the off chance that you haven’t exhausted all your data for the afternoon. Some of the time while messing around or expending content we don’t become acquainted with that we have spent the entirety of our information.

On the off chance that your data pack has lapsed, you can get a booster to recharge it. 

Sometimes your phone may be connected with distant areas in any event, when there is a pinnacle accessible closeby, because of which it probably won’t get flags appropriately. In this way causing issues with web speeds.

To fix this, you can essentially turn on your gadget’s offline mode and turn it off following a couple of moments to assist it with detaching with the past pinnacle and associate with the other pinnacle(tower). You can likewise restart your phone to do this.

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Mobile updates occupy a great deal of room and on the off chance that they begin occurring while you are answering to a significant email or accomplishing some work, they will hinder the web.

Boost slow internet speed
Boost slow internet speed

Turn the auto-refreshes options in the Settings menu off and update when you are not working or allowed the update to update and introduce for the time being. 

If your mobile data speed isn’t taking an upswing subsequent to doing the entirety of this, at that point, there may be an issue with the gadget’s system settings. Attempt and reset them from the Settings menu to solve the issues.


At last, by following the above steps, you will be able to boost slow internet speed. If you people like my article. Don’t forget to share this article with your Friends or Family.

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