Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Smartphone long-term review

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Smartphone long-term review

It has been a couple of months since Samsung propelled the Galaxy S20 series of phones in India. This time around, the series has carried with it three new gadgets – Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Let’s discuss the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review.

Of the three, it’s the Galaxy S20 Ultra which is the genuine lead from Samsung for the year.

While there’s no uncertainty that the other two handsets from the S20 series are genuine premium fragment gadgets, it is unquestionably the S20 Ultra that brings only that much extra, some may even say abundance, to assist it withstanding tall as the uber-premium smartphone offering from Samsung – for at any rate the main portion of the year. 

From the surface, the Galaxy S20 Ultra may give off an impression of being Samsung’s response to the iPhones of the Appleverse, and even the glossy, smooth challengers from the universe of Android.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Smartphone:-

However, as a general rule, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a gadget that is here to convey an announcement, that hello, Samsung’s as yet the one to pay special mind to with regards to bringing advanced features, an overabundance in innovations to phones. 

With its all-new 100x Space Zoom include, the enormous 6.9-inch show and the progressive 108-megapixel focal point, the Galaxy S20 Ultra was in no way like what had just existed in the market at the hour of its dispatch – February 12, 2020. In any case, a quarter of a year on, is that still the case?

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Peruse on to discover replies to that, and much more, in our drawn-out survey of the gadget that we’ve separated in compact focuses for your benefit. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra audit or reviews: Display and Design:-

On the off chance that the abundance is the subject of the show for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, at that point you get the primary looks at it the second you look at the gadget.

The Ultra is gigantic in its impression and bears a plan that in spite of being exceptionally moderate in approach, has features that assist it with standing apart from the group. 

The Smartphone’s back feature a glass sheet secured by Gorilla Glass 6 and in the strong dark shading, it looks basically the same that numerous other Samsung phones from an earlier time.

In spite of its bends and intelligent nature, this glass back isn’t ostentatious or over the top. Or maybe, it’s very Samsung-like as it displays an exceptionally downplayed look.

Notwithstanding, that is just till your eyes don’t meander to the jutting camera module that is out of this world huge.

In addition to the fact that it bumps out of the phone, however, it likewise houses some genuine tools or machinery inside it – a reality that we’ll get to somewhat later in the audit or review. 

As we have found in our little under a quarter of a year of utilizing the phone, the rear of the gadget is a smudge magnet. Fortunately, that is all it is.

Presently with it, we’ve figured out how to shield it safe from getting scratches and even saw that the camera module knocks as sufficiently strong to maintain a strategic distance from harm. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Galaxy S20 Ultra Models

Proceeding onward to the front, we have a totally ravishing showcase, that features more forceful bends than we’ve seen on the Galaxy S20 and S20+ this year. The board stands tall at 6.9-inches and gratitude to the close to bezel-less nature of it, glances much greater in the palm.

There’s a little punch-opening on the board, however, it does little to remove you from the survey understanding on the gadget. 

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The presentation, which likewise happens to be the greatest fitted on a Galaxy S series phone to date, bolsters goals up to 1440×3200 pixels with the Infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED screen additionally bragging a local 20:9 angle proportion.

We saw the board as incredible for watching films, with punchy hues and differentiation and splendor levels to coordinate any top of the line gadget accessible at this moment.

The smartphone additionally bolsters 120Hz refresh rate, making it probably the quickest board in the market at this moment. 

Be that as it may, does it demonstrate helpful in certifiable situations? All things considered, It does really.

The high refresh rate isn’t accessible for use with all applications and much like different gadgets that parade this comfort, it is something that can be effectively flipped now and again from inside the settings.

While we found it a slight channel on the phone’s battery, presently with the gadget, the comfort of it far exceeded the cost it took on the phone’s battery. 

In any case, on the other side, opening a showcase of this size on the phone builds the general impression of the gadget, and that is something we see with the Galaxy S20 Ultra too.

The phone weighs 221 grams with its general size going much past the 6.9-crawls of the phone’s presentation. However, amazingly, the heaviness of the phone feels equally adjusted through the casing, causing the S20 Ultra to feel very reasonable for its size. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra survey or reviews: Specifications and Performance:-

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a significant monster with regards to the equipment it packs underneath the hood.

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Galaxy S20 Ultra Views

At the center of the gadget is an Exynos 990 chipset which has a setup of two Exynos M5 and all the more impressive Cortex-A76 centers timed at 2.5GHz and four Cortex-A55 centers timed at 2GHz

Dissimilar to the US displays, this one is only a 4G phone and doesn’t guarantee support for the quicker system basebands later on.

Another enormous contrast from the global variations is that the Indian variation just gets 12GB of RAM, rather than featuring up to 16GB that the variations selling outside India do. 

In any case, does this influence the phone’s exhibition in any capacity? We think not. During our survey of the gadget, we found the gadget to perform very well consistently, and not so much as 3 months of broad use has still figured out how to hinder the phone even a piece.

The presentation despite everything remains practically perfect after very nearly 90 days of utilization, with the Exynos 990 SoC likewise dazzling on the facade of the warm. 

As expected, the chipset likewise ends up being amazing when it came to execution during designs concentrated undertakings, and ensured playing the most requesting of games on the phone was never an issue.

This is on the grounds that the chipset utilizes a 7nm octa-center series of which centers are for asset requesting applications, while two Cortex-A76 centers and four Cortex-A55 centers are saved for fundamental assignments the phone figures out how to deal with very well while messing around.

For example:- Asphalt 9: Legends and PUBG Mobile games. 

It additionally figured out how to get along admirably at benchmarks. Despite the fact that we noticed the phone getting marginally warm during long meetings of ongoing interaction, fortunately, however, it wasn’t kidding enough to choke the presentation of the gadget. 

The amazing presentation of the gadget is additionally down to a degree to the profoundly advanced OneUI 2.1 which without a sorry excuse for uncertainty is among the best custom takes on Android in the market at this moment.

In addition to the fact that it offers a huge amount of customization, yet it additionally ensures that the phone doesn’t get impeded by the heap of superfluous code. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra survey or reviews: Battery:-

The Galaxy S20 Ultra additionally enjoys a little overabundance with regards to the battery. The phone brings an enormous pack which times in at 5000mAh. It is the greatest on a Galaxy S series phone to date and is sufficient to deal with the huge presentation that Samsung has fitted on the phone. 

While the facts demonstrate that gaming and watching motion pictures drains the battery quicker, for the most part prompting a couple of long stretches of screen time on a solitary charge, for moderate-to-high use, the Galaxy S20 Ultra despite everything allows us daily of charge.

This is very acceptable thinking about the presentation of the gadget. What’s more, in any event, when it runs out of charge, the phone would juice be able to up very quick with its help for 45W quick charging. 

In any case, Samsung just ships the gadget with a 25W charger that does a better than average enough occupation of charging the phone in around 60 minutes.

The phone additionally bolsters various battery-sparing features that guarantee to give you hours worth of utilization on almost no battery – yet with specific limitations. Much like other Galaxy S series leads, there’s converse remote charging on the gadget which is a colossal accommodation in the event that you own a lot of remote extras. 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra audit or reviews: Camera 

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Galaxy S20 Ultra Model

The topic of overabundance is one that is rehashed here with the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s cameras moreover. The phone packs a colossal camera module, which houses some extremely great tech.

For cameras, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has been outfitted with a 108-megapixel essential focal point sat close to a 48-megapixel fax shooter, a ToF focal point, and a 12-megapixel ultrawide focal point. 

Aside from looking extravagant on the spec sheet, and gobbling up a great deal of room on the phone’s back, this quad-camera set-up on the S20 Ultra brings to the table some genuine advantages as far as new features and improved execution.

The most fascinating being the phone’s capacity to click pictures in 100X half breed zoom utilizing its zooming focal point – in contrast with the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S20+ which bolster cross breed optical zoom of up to 3X and add up to zoom of 30X. 

Samsung is showcasing the S20 Ultra’s 100x zoom as Space Zoom, a component that utilizes a blend of optical and advanced zoom – including AI-fueled zoom – for results that as we discovered are basically out of the scope of other contending phones.

The gadget does this by clicking up to 4X zoom in optical mode by collapsing the 48-megapixel periscope style focal point, which would then be able to additionally push out lossless pictures up till 10X in Hybrid Optic Zoom. 

Curiously, these pictures are really lossless, and as we discovered there wasn’t any perceptible drop in picture quality up until the 10x imprint. From that point forward, we adventure into an area that Samsung calls Space Zoom. 

As you move upwards in the zooming scale, the gadget begins to utilize progressively forceful AI-based advanced zoom and picture handling strategies to assist you with going up to 100x.

In spite of the fact that this move up the zoom stepping stool comes at some expense of picture quality – particularly when there is low light to upgrade the subtleties in the pictures.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is seemingly the best smartphone from Samsung to date, and this is just a direct result of the sheer overabundance of equipment and feature that Samsung has figured out how to pack with the Galaxy S20 Ultra. 

While this is a phone that was first launched on February 12, it despite everything remains very ground-breaking and highlight stuffed at the date of review, which to be completely forthright, is the greatest commendation that one can provide for this lead. 

As a bundle, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has everything and more you’d need from a phone. It has the looks, the beautiful presentation, huge impression, amazing cameras, and the sky is the limit from there.

In any case, this comes at a powerful cost. At Rs 97,999, the Galaxy S20 Ultra doesn’t come modest and is genuinely incapacitated against contending contributions, for example, the OnePlus 8 Pro and Mi 10 which offer a large number of very similar things like the Galaxy S20 Ultra, however at a lower value point. 

In any case, on the off chance that cash isn’t a bottleneck, at that point, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a splendid alternative, one that should be thought of on the off chance that you are in the market for a lead from the exceptional finish of the phone showcase.

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