Honor’s latest smartphone has a temperature sensor?

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Honor’s latest smartphone has a temperature sensor?

XDA-Developers reports that One of Honor’s recently declared phones, the Honor Play 4 Pro, is accessible with an infrared temperature sensor. Let’s discuss more on Honor’s latest smartphone has a temperature sensor.

The Honor Play series is a phone series from Huawei’s sub-brand. The focal point of this series has been to give a worth contribution to buyers inside business sectors, for example, China, tending to their nearby needs and desires.

Honor as of late prodded that the upcoming dispatches in this series will include an infrared temperature sensor.

Honor’s latest smartphone has a temperature sensor

The Honor Play 4 and Honor Play 4 Pro have at last propelled in China, nearby an exceptional version of the Honor Play 4 Pro that does surely accompany an IR temperature sensor.

A video shared by the organization’s legitimate Weibo account shows the handset showing temperature readings after being held up to individuals’ faces and wrists. The phones were declared in China, and there’s presently no expression of a universal release. 

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A temperature sensor would ordinarily stable like a specialty phone feature, however, in the time of a pandemic when a high temperature could be an indication of being sick with COVID-19, it could be a useful tool to have available.

Temperature Sensor Range:-

Obviously, its value relies upon how precise it is. Honor says that the sensor works between temperatures of – 20 degrees Celsius and 100 degrees Celsius (generally – 4 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit), which is all that could possibly be needed to cover the human body’s range of potential temperatures, and that it can detect temperatures down to the tenth of a degree. 

Honor isn’t the first organization to incorporate temperature-detecting hardware in a cell phone. In 2016, we audited Cat’s S60, a tough phone that accompanied a thermal imaging camera.

Honor’s latest smartphone – Honor Play 4 Pro

There has likewise been thermal imaging camera sold as phone connections. It probably won’t have that numerous buyers utilize, yet Cat’s phone was intended for proficient clients like park rangers or tradespeople dealing with building destinations.

Beyond the tool of  Honor Play 4 Pro’s temperature sensor, the other new phones look like conventional midrange handsets.


The least expensive model in the range is the Honor Play 4, and it has a MediaTek Dimensity 800 processor, begins with 6GB of RAM, and has four back cameras, including deep sensing, Primary, wide-point, and full-scale cameras.

The more costly Honor Play 4 Pro has a Kirin 990 processor, 8GB of RAM, and only two back cameras, in spite of the fact that this consists of a zoom camera. The two phones support 5G and have a 1080p Display Screen.

The Honor Play 4 5G is unmistakably the more modest gadget, with the MediaTek Dimensity 800 SoC. A couple of specifications of the gadget are not extremely clear like whether it really has a 6.81″ display as the official spec sheet propose, or which precise sensor is utilized for the 64MP camera however it is clear that there is a focus on phone photography here while as yet giving high worth.

Inquisitively, Honor has added a 3.5mm earphone jack to the gadget and has brought back storage capacity expandability (however it is hazy if this is by means of microSD card or an exclusive card).

Honor Play and Honor Play 4 Pro Images

XDA-Developers reports that the temperature sensor-prepared Honor Play 4 Pro will be accessible in China for CNY 2999 (around $421), while the model without the temperature sensor will cost CNY 2899 (around $407).

The standard Honor Play 4 will begin at CNY 1799 ($253). It’s not clear yet whether any of the smartphones will be launched outside of China.


Honor has launched its latest Model Honor Play 4 pro with a temperature sensor in China.

The device allows measuring the temperature of humans between -20 to 100 degrees Celsius.

This could be an amazing feature of a smartphone in the era of COVID-19.

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