How Big data, AI, and Cloud Computing affects world gambling

The gambling industry is in many ways a bellwether for developing new technologies. It was one of the first industries to spot the internet revolution and quickly took advantage by launching casinos online. Next was smartphones, and again, the gambling industry stepped in quickly.

Along with Facebook, poker was one of the most popular apps of 2008 –  the year Apple opened its App Store. Now, buzzwords like big data, AI, and cloud computing are being thrown around, and gambling operators have been quick to take advantage.

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Online casinos and cloud computing

Cloud computing makes it easier to access online casinos by minimizing storage issues and virtually eliminates the need for downloading software. Many in the industry see cloud computing as the future of online gaming due to its multitude of benefits.

One of these is the potential to personalize each users’ experience. Cloud computing works hand in hand with big data to build a picture of each gamblers’ needs and preferences. Individual solutions can then be put together, such as offering more appropriate bonuses, VIP rewards, or account management. This can lead to greater player satisfaction as each person receives a tailor-made service.

Better access to online casinos

Operators also benefit from access to so much big data. Cloud computing and big data may help casinos streamline their service by discovering which games are hot and which games are not.

They can learn which tournaments players are interested in, which bonus offers to spark their interest and help plan their next marketing move. Happy customers are more likely to be loyal customers, so it’s a win-win all around.

Cloud computing also boosts convenience and mobility. Certain countries, such as India, may not allow gambling in psychical casinos but have no problem with their online counterparts. This means players who would like to gamble but cannot do so in real-life outlets can turn online to find entertainment.

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AI friendly casinos are on the rise

With so much big data flowing around, AI is increasingly used to make sense of it all. One area players are seeing the benefit of this technological marriage is improved customer service. Higher functioning AI offers a more personal level of customer service compared to low-level bots.

AI-powered concierges of the future will be able to communicate at a high level with customers, identify their favorite live casino online games, suggest suitable new titles, and add a familiar, comforting touch to their online gambling.

AI can also be employed to help spot and prevent gambling addiction. By sifting through the masses of big data, AI can spot unusual behaviors in players’ activity and uncover potential issues. Then the system can alert operators to reach out and offer tools or place restrictions thereby helping at-risk players.


[This is a sponsored article and techvile does not guarantee the authenticity of the content and also the links that are placed on this article. Do take action at your own risk]

Technology progresses at a breakneck speed and continues to shape the way people gamble. The future of online betting looks set to be even more satisfying, and we are not just talking about better graphics. Big data, AI, and cloud computing help make online betting more personable, safer, fairer, and more exciting than ever

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