Why Google deletes 7 million negative reviews of TikTok from the Play Store?

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Why Google deletes 7 million negative reviews of TikTok from the Play Store?

From the most recent couple of days, we are seeing the ceaseless war ‘Youtube VS TikTok’ on different social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and Twitter. Now Google deletes 7 million negative reviews of TikTok from Play Store.

A few hashtags requesting that users boycott TikTok and India against TikTok began inclining on Twitter.

The pattern without a doubt influenced TikTok hard and the rating was dropped from 4.7 to 3 and afterward at last the application saw it’s least evaluating ever that is 1.2.

on 20 May, most of the reviews that the application got were 1 star, however now 5-star reviews are most noteworthy, while 1-star reviews get an inaccessible second spot. 

Why Google deletes 7 million negative reviews of TikTok

The tech-giant Google has acted the hero of disputable Chinese online networking platform TikTok by erasing a huge number of negative audits or reviews from its Play Store, trying to improve the rating of the application

As indicated by the reports, Google has evacuated about 7 million negative audits or reviews for TikTok which has at last improved its rating.

TikTok Rating
Tiktok Rating i.e 1.3 on 20 May

A week ago on May 20, the rating of the disputable or controversial application had plunged to 1.3 beginnings after a great many web-based life users had hugely downrated the Chinese application for empowering its clients to advance and extol different terrible violations and against Hindu publicity. 

On 20 May, the application had 27,606,481 reviews. In any case, at the hour of composing this article, the application has just 20,356,082 reviews on the Play Store, demonstrating that Google has evacuated near 7 million negative reviews or comments detailed against the Chinese application.

The rating of the application has now been moved up to 4.4 stars from 1.3 stars seven days prior.

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TikTok Rating
After deletion of many reviews now the Rating of Tiktok will be 4.4

On 20 May, most of the reviews that the application got were 1 star, however now 5-star surveys are most elevated, while 1-star reviews get a removed second spot.

Twitter Influencer says:-

A Twitter Influencer "Nobert Elekes"
A Twitter Influencer “Nobert Elekes”

Nobert Elekes, a verified user of the Twitter platform and data analyst, had additionally made comparative charges against Google and furthermore posted pictures of tech-giant erasing reviews against the TikTok application.

Taking to Twitter, he had stated, “Clearly, Google erased over a million TikTok reviews, for the time being, that is the reason the rating expanded from 1.2 to 1.6 stars.”

His tweet demonstrated a screenshot in which Play Store indicated 28 million reviews and the rating was 1.2 stars. In another screen capture, it very well may be seen that the review was a million less, in any case, the rating of the application had gone up to 1.6 stars.

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The decrement in Chinese application – TikTok

The downsizing of the Chinese application rose after a war had broken out certain days back between the TikTok’s supposed online networking ‘influencers’ and the Youtube content makers that prompted a progression of disclosures about the way TikTok is being utilized to affect and extol the most exceedingly terrible violations.

Following that, few social media influencers had announced how the Chinese application is proliferating detest wrongdoings by empowering ‘TikTok influencers‘ to commend hate violations against Hindus.

Since the time the coronavirus disease spread the nation over, the Chinese video-sharing help picked up noticeable quality in India.

The Chinese application which was abused, on various events, by hostile to social components, put out video affecting wrongdoings against ladies. In the midst of the Coronavirus, a few Muslim makers on TikTok were seen urging individuals to ridicule social removing rules under the attire of Islamic preachings.

A social media influencer named Faizal Siddiqui had additionally amazingly reproduced a disturbing scene of an acid attack, leaving social media users angry. A grumbling was additionally enlisted against the ‘TikTok influencer‘ for advancing corrosive acid attack as a way to promote the acid attacks.


At Last, Google deletes 7 million negative reviews of TikTok from the Play Store of Chinese Application TikTok.

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