Top 20 PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks to Get the Chicken Dinner

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Top 20 PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks to Get the Chicken Dinner

PUBG or Playerunknown’s Battle Ground Game is rapidly turning into the most well-known game on the planet. You can’t miss it. Let’s see PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks.

You’ll discover gatherings of individuals playing it in bistros, in houses, over the world. It’s an extremely fun approach to invest energy with your companions or to kill some time toward the day’s end.

The best thing about PUBG is that it’s extremely simple to get. It’s a Battle Royale game where you’re dropped in an island with 99 different players and the goal is to be the sole survivor. As time goes, the guide recoils so you must be progressing continually. While PUBG is anything but difficult to get, it’s not all that simple to win. That is the place we come in.

Top 20 PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

  1. Right Parachute Landing
Right Parachute Landing
Right Parachute Landing

A primary couple of seconds of the game are extremely significant. Where you land gives you a colossal advantage. In case you’re a tenderfoot, avoid high traffic zones. Whenever you see a major group of structures, it’s best not to land there.

Rather, go somewhat farther and land in a little settlement. You’ll despite everything locate the fundamental plunder and weapons and it will be simpler to battle off different players. Start with places like Gatka and ferry perry.

  1. Early on, Avoid the First Fight

When you’ve landed, one of the primary mix-ups you can make is to take part in the battle at an early stage. In the event that you’ve quite recently landed and you hear another person in the area, dismiss and change your location. The odds of them conveying a weapon are a lot higher.

  1. Keep an Eye Open For Other Players

At the point when you’re investigating another zone, keep an eye open for indications of action. In the event that you go to a structure with entryways open and the ammunition is gone, somebody has likely been there. They could be passed at this point however you yell continue gradually.

Also, comparably, you should close the entryways when you’re hanging out in a structure, or after you’ve plundered. This gives you a bit of leeway and makes shock enemies simpler.

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  1. Don’t Ignore the Shotgun

From the start, the shotgun probably won’t appear the best weapon. Be that as it may, for most short proximity battle, particularly in the first place, it truly is. Initially, you’re for the most part attacking regions and pursuing different players, this is the place the shotgun sparkles.

  1. Keep Changing The Armor

The reinforcement in PUBG wears out as you participate in the battle. So it’s ideal to continue exchanging it when the shield drains. Regardless of whether you need to change a more significant level reinforcement to a lower level one, it’s fine. Since the protection you persuade will be more.

  1. Playing Smart like SoulMortal(King of PUBG Mobile)

Try not to play hurriedly. Try not to race into a fight. Do it attentively. Take as much time as necessary. Ensure you have the correct weapon chosen and afterward go.

  1. Find Your Favorite Weapon and Stick With It

At the point when you’re playing to win, you’ll need trustworthy weapons. After two or three games, you’ll make sense of which firearm you’re generally alright with. Each game, attempt to discover the firearm and once you do, stay with it. Regardless of whether it implies dropping a further developed weapon.

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8. Get a Scope

Get a Scope
Get a Scope

When you have the correct firearm, pursue the correct connection. It’s extremely essential to have a pleasant extension. A 4x scope on your expert sharpshooter will do ponders.

9. When In Combat Or Open Area, Go Zigzag

When In Combat Or Open Area, Go Zigzag
When In Combat Or Open Area, Go Zigzag

Try not to run in an orderly fashion when you’re enduring an onslaught. This is a certain shot method of being murdered. Rather, run in a crisscross or aimless example. It will take more time to get the chance to cover however the odds of you being dead are a lot of lower.

  1. When You’re Getting Sniped, Don’t Lie Down

At the point when somebody is killing at your from a separation, your first nature is to rests of the ground. I’ve committed that error ordinarily. The expert rifleman has just recognized you and they have a decent vantage point. On the off chance that you rest, they should simply bring down their point and shoot. Bam, you’re dead.

Rather, when you’re getting killed, follow the guidance from the above point. Drop weapons, crisscross and run like hellfire.


At last, playing PUBG Mobile Game is to help you to increase your Focus and skills. With the help of these 20 PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks, you will definitely get a Chicken Dinner.

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