IOS 14: Best widgets for Apple apps in 2020 (latest)

best widgets for apple apps

Apple took as much time as necessary to carry widgets to iOS, and since they are here, we can’t disregard the way that the organization did a very great job. In iOS 14, you would now be able to tweak how your iPhone’s home screen looks like by essentially introducing widgets.

How to enable God Mode in Windows 10 computer

How to enable God Mode in Windows 10

Microsoft offered God Mode in Windows 7 OS and the equivalent is likewise accessible in the Windows 10 OS also. The organization has now begun tweaking a portion of the features of God Mode in late review assembles.

PUBG Corp Is Hiring In India, According to a LinkedIn Post

PUBG Corp Is Hiring In India

PUBG Corporation is searching for an individual to build up general strategies for mergers and acquisitions and investment with an emphasis on the Indian market. Let’s discuss more according to a LinkedIn post, PUBG Corp Is Hiring In India.

Google Pay Remains Unavailable On iPhone (latest News)

Google Pay remains unaccessible

Google Pay actually stays inaccessible on the Apple App Store as designers attempt to fix a few issues. Right now, looking for Google Pay on the App Store records rival digital payment platforms including PhonePe, Paytm, and Amazon, which has Amazon Pay access.

How to Enable WhatsApp Always Mute option (latest)

How to Enable WhatsApp Always Mute option

Well-known messaging application, WhatsApp, has now, delivered its much-anticipated feature for its clients, where one can mute someone’s chat forever. WhatsApp’s Always Mute option is presently accessible on both iOS and Android versions of the application.

5 best games under 500 MB on the Google Play Store

5 best games under 500 MB

PUBG Mobile Lite is the version of PUBG Mobile, that doesn’t need a top of the line gadget to run. The fight royale game has been downloaded by fans everywhere in the world on account of its small size and gadget necessities. Let’s see 5 best games under 500 MB.

5 SEO Automation Tools for Real Efficiency

5 SEO Automation Tools

Let’s be honest most task you have to complete consistently is tedious. In any event, they are on the off chance that they’re done manually. Numerous effective SEO methodologies require an unfathomable measure of time, from the underlying speculation to its execution. Let’s discuss 5 SEO Automation Tools.