Know your Followers, Multiple Un-follow for Instagram

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Know your Followers, Multiple Un-follow for Instagram

Instagram has become the most viewed social media platform now-a-days and this is due to the acquisition of the company by Facebook and the UI Improvements of the application.

In this article, I will be going through an android application that gives unimaginable options for the Instagram Fans to Monitor People and their followers like,

  • View Your Followers who don’t follow you
  • View Mutual Followers
  • People we don’t follow back

Also, this app provides additional features to White list some users whom we don’t want to un-follow by mistake.

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UnFollow Android App:

Install the app from the Link provided above and login with the details, same as the one you use to login to Instagram.

You may receive a warning from Instagram that the Login is suspicious and this is just a warning and you can bypass this easily by logging into the Instagram app and clicking on Allow Access.

The Main features of the Application are as follows,

1. Non Followers:

Non Followers are those who don’t follow you back but you do follow them. At times you may feel like unfollowing everyone who doesn’t follow you back but they are always in a great number.

  • Head on to the Non Followers Section and wait till the App loads your content on the interface.
  • Once the content is loaded, you can click on the remove icon on the right to unfollow the account directly from here.
  • There is an option in the bottom that allows you to unfollow everyone who doesn’t follow you back and this is the best part of this application.
  • Click on the button and let the script do its job.

2. Mutual Followers:

Mutual followers are those who follow you back the same way you follow them. These are the sweetest people who are the reason behind a lot of smiles. Nah Just Kidding.

These people offer you the same level of respect you provide them and its a Win-Win actually.

3. Fans:

Fans, these people are those who are very generous about you, they admire you, they inspire from you, they are carried off by your creative and beautiful content on your profile.

Nah, I was kidding again. These people follow you but you are not following them.

4. White List:

The People on your White-list may be someone say Girlfriend who is not at all interested to follow you on Instagram but they want you to follow them. Just Girlfriend thing may b.

At this times, to prevent the script from un-following your loved ones, this section let’s you add some Instagram ID’s that you will never unfollow in your consciousness.

5. Copy Followers:

This section is basically used by business pages to attain the followers of other trending pages of the same genre and attract audience to their site.

This helps in marketing your profile to some targeted users with some common interest.

IOS And Desktop Users?!:

IOS and Desktop Users don’t panic. There is a good news for you and that should be the similar apps that are available for your platform too.

Check the links below:

The Good Bye Section:

Hope you found this article helpful and thanks for spending time here.



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