IOS 14: Best Hidden Features Apple Didn’t Mention

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IOS 14: Best Hidden Features Apple Didn’t Mention

Apple exhibited some significant changes and upgrades for iOS 14 during its large WWDC 2020 keynote on Monday and it was only a glimpse of something larger. There’s a great deal more that we didn’t get the chance to see. let’s talk about the Best Hidden Features.

We’re presently finding what a portion of those things is, on account of the primary beta launch, which is now accessible to enlisted engineers. Here is the list of best-hidden features in iOS 14.

Best Hidden Features in iOS 14 

Every year during its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple exhibits the marquee features coming to iPhone, Mac, and its different stages(Platform).

WWDC keynotes spread out the organization’s striking designs for the future and there’s just such a great amount of time for huge thoughts and nerdy jokes. 

As designers jump into the main betas, they generally find heaps of extra features that never made it to the prominent introduction.

What’s more, now and again these hidden iOS features demonstrate significantly more intriguing than the ones Apple trumpets from the WWDC stage. 

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1) Back Tap 

Back Tap
Back Tap – Best Hidden Features

This splendid new openness feature allows you to double or triple tap the rear of your iPhone to enact various easy shortcuts.

You can utilize it for straightforward things, such as coming back to the Home screen or opening the App Switcher, or for progressively complex things, such as activating Siri Shortcuts. 

2) Sound Recognition 

iOS 14 enables iPhone and iPad to distinguish certain sounds, and advise you when it hears them.

A portion of the things it as of now can perceive are smoke cautions and alarms, crying infants, felines and canines, vehicle horns, doorbells, and running water. 

3) Support for 4K YouTube 

 Support for 4K YouTube
Best Hidden Features – Support for 4K YouTube 

Indeed, truly, it’s at last here. The capacity to play YouTube recordings in super-sharp 4K (where accessible) is arriving on iPhone, years in the wake of turning out on different gadgets.

It works in both the authority YouTube application and in Safari. Furthermore, when you pick the last mentioned, you’ll get picture-in-picture, as well. 

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4) Picture-in-picture for FaceTime 

Talking about picture-in-picture, did you realize that the new component works with FaceTime calls just as recordings? Rather than delaying your visit when you utilize different applications, your iPhone will let you see your bring in its own little window, which you can move around and stow away on the off chance that you have to. 

5) Emoticon search 

Emoji Search
Best Hidden Features – Emoji Search

Finding an emoticon you don’t utilize all the time can be a genuine pain in iOS 13 and prior versions of Apple’s product.

You’ll spend always looking through each one of those little symbols before you get to the one you truly need. Be that as it may, not in iOS 14, which, like macOS, at long last has an emoticon search tool. 

6) Pick your own defaults 

iOS 14 enables iPhone and iPad clients to pick their own default internet browser and email customer just because.

You would now be able to utilize Chrome rather than Safari, for example, and iOS will regard that choice (instead of constraining you into Safari each time you open a connection). 

It’s an element we’ve all needed for quite a long time, and it’s at last coming. Note, in any case, that it’s not yet accessible inside the primary iOS 14 betas. 

7) Measure Noise levels with AirPods 

iOS 14 enables AirPods the ability to measure noise levels. You’ll see a decibel perusing for whatever you’re playing as a matter of course, yet on the off chance that you empower Live Listen, you’ll get a perusing for the surrounding clamor around you.

This feature must be empowered from inside the Control Center options.

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