How to use Google’s AR Tool Sodar for Social Distancing

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How to use Google’s AR Tool Sodar for Social Distancing

As Google and Apple are cooperating on planning a contact tracing device, parallelly, Google has discovered another approach to assist users with acclimating to the new person. It has presented another AR tool Sodar.

We are required to follow the lockdown rules and social distancing standards to stop the spread of the COVID-19.

United Nations made an application called 1point5 to assist you with accomplishing a distancing of 1.5 meters from your kindred people.

How to utilize 1point5

Created by the United Nations Technology Innovation Labs (UNTIL), a 1point5 application causes you to keep up social distancing. The application examines for close-by cell phones by means of Bluetooth and cautions users when a gadget enters the 1.5-meter border.

Utilizing the 1point5 social distancing application is very simple as it doesn’t expect you to enlist.


1) Install the Application.

2) Tap on ‘Get Started’.

3) Turn on Bluetooth.

4) Set a minimum separation between 1.5 meters and 2 meters.

5) Tap ‘Begin Monitoring’.

Minimum Radius of SODAR APP
Minimum Radius of SODAR APP (AR Tool Sodar)

1point5 application tracks the Bluetooth sign of close by gadgets and cautions you when a gadget enters your minimum separation mark.

Others don’t have to install an application introduced however their Bluetooth should be turned on or, more than likely the application won’t get the nearness of that individual.

1point5 likewise lets you select the idea of the notification. You can turn on or off Sound and Vibrations for closeness cautions. The application tells about nearness when it is turned on and doesn’t send alarms when it is shut.

You can likewise set up the application to prohibit the gadgets of relatives and those with whom you live. UNTIL says that 1point5 doesn’t gather or store any personal information.

Dissimilar to the Aarogya Setu application, this application doesn’t mean to give wellbeing data or track your contact history however just goes about as a social distancing update.

Such an application is exceptionally critical at this vital time while keeping up social distancing is the way to forestall the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

India has been under lockdown since March 14 which should lift on May 31 – the day when the fourth period of lockdown will end.

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Be that as it may, the application requires individuals around to have Bluetooth to be turned on to tell you in the event that they enter your region. Google has now bounced in to assist users with keeping up social distancing with its new enlarged reality tool “Sodar”.

Application View of SODAR
Application View of SODAR (AR Tool Sodar)

Neither does Sodar expect you to introduce any sort of application nor does it need the individuals around you to have their phone on them.

The AR tool Sodar utilizes WebXR to imagine a two-meter radius ring around you to assist you with keeping up social distancing.

The phone utilizes enlarged reality to delineate territory around you superimposing the virtual ring on the view from your camera.

It will assist users with keeping up social distancing with other persons.

At the point when you step out of your home to get things done, you can utilize Google’s new AR Sodar tool, to know precisely how far should you remain from the other individual to be careful.

By pointing the camera towards the ground, it will show a visual limit of 2 meters around you, essentially a little more than 6 feet that are suggested by the wellbeing Health specialists.

To utilize this, you have to visit its site as it’s anything but an application that can be downloaded from Play Store. Perceptibly, this will AR tool is accessible on Google Chrome and Android gadgets until further notice.

This is a cool utilization of AR that Google has placed into utilization to assist individuals with battling Coronavirus. 

Attempt it Now by following these straightforward steps: 

GIF Live View of SODAR App
GIF Live View of SODAR App (AR Tool Sodar)


The most effective method to utilize Google’s AR device ‘Sodar’ to keep up social distancing.

Stage 1: Open the Sodar site in Google Chrome, in the event that you opened it on PC or Laptop, scan the QR code on the site to utilize it on phone.

Stage 2: Press ‘Enter AR’ when provoked 

Stage 3: You will be coordinated to your camera, simply point it towards the surface and it will begin demonstrating you’re the 2m radius.

Note: To utilize the Sodar on your phones, you have to have the updated version of the Google ARCore.

So next time at whatever point you step out of your home and need to utilize this tool, simply go to the site and press ‘launch’ and you will be a great idea to go.

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