Top 4 Best Hosting Service Providers in India (June 2019)

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Top 4 Best Hosting Service Providers in India (June 2019)

Web Hosting has become a lot cheaper nowadays and there are many service providers who provide top-notch servers at an affordable price by sharing the resources of a single server to multiple users.

In this article, I will be helping you to compare the top hosting providers in India that are above standard and you can rely upon any one of the competitors to get the work done.

All the competitors in this comparison are similar in many aspects and I have done very comprehensive research to select the best one among these.

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Web Hosting

Ranking Verdict:

  1. SiteGround
  2. A2 Hosting
  3. Inmotion Hosting
  4. GoDaddy Hosting

The Competitors:

  • Siteground
  • A2 Hosting
  • Inmotion Hosting
  • GoDaddy Hosting

The Research:

1. SiteGround:

Siteground has been our favorite hosting provider since the date and we can proudly state that this site has been hosted on Siteground servers. I have examined every aspect of web hosting in India and Siteground surprised me with the best scores on all available aspects.

Scorecard of SiteGround:

  • Global Speed Score: A+
  • Speed in India: 66ms
  • Price (in ₹) : 386/mo

Key Features:

  • 20GB SSD Storage
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 25000 visits/mo
  • SuperCacher
  • World Class Support
  • Daily Backups

There is no sponsorships or any benefits we acquire from Siteground, it’s the sole performance of the Servers, world-class features, and the Priority Support makes the product the #1 Hosting in India.

2. A2 Hosting:

The next on the list is A2 Hosting which provides an above average performance for any kind of website that has a traffic of about 25k visitors a day. This hosting is based on America and they are very well known for their A2 Optimization and efficient site caching which provides excellent performance.

Scorecard of A2 Hosting:

  • Global Speed Score: A+
  • Speed in India: 163ms
  • Price (in ₹) : 350/mo

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • A2 Optimized WordPress
  • Moneyback Guarantee
  • Easy site Migration

A2 Hosting is much cheaper than the Siteground Hosting but in terms of customer support, the former hosting provider performs a bit lower than that of the Sitegrounds world-class support system. But once you are completely set up, you are very comfortable with the A2 Hosting platform.

3. InMotion Hosting:

The InMotion hosting on the list is one of the world preferred hosting provider but the company lacks a bit on the performance that is available in India. The performance doesn’t lack by a great number but why prefer slow hosting when a better alternative is available if the site targets only Indian audience. But trust me, you will like their offers which make you choose them.

Scorecard of InMotion hosting:

  • Global Speed Score: A+
  • Speed in India: 514ms
  • Price (in ₹) : 324/mo

Key Features:

  • Free Domain Name
  • Max Speed Zones
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • World-class Support
  • SSH access

InMotion is one of the best hosting providers on the segment and they provide a ton of awesome features that are very likely to get attracted. But they have their datacentres only at the US and so they lack speeds on India and end up at 550ms approximately

4. GoDaddy India:

GoDaddy is one of the Indian based companies that are meant for the small and medium businesses that depend on cheap hosting plans that are way more efficient than average local hosting providers. Godaddy offers plans starting at 149/mo that are worth every penny that is paid and is more faster than most of its rivals.

Scorecard of GoDaddy India:

  • Global Speed Score: A+
  • Speed in India: 111ms
  • Price (in ₹) : 149/mo

Key Features:

  • 30 GB HDD Cap
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Only one domain
  • 1Gb of Databases
  • Supports latest Php Version

GoDaddy India is perfect if you’re targeting the local Indian demographic. The speed of the servers are extreme and it surprised us with a 10ms speed in Singapore and almost 71 in Japan and 111 in Bangalore. If the Indian market is what you have your solution for and you have fewer bucks to afford, go for Godaddy India.


After carrying out comprehensive research on the best hosting providers in India, we came to a conclusion to choose the US-based hosting providers like Siteground or the A2 Hosting.

Inmotion Hosting faces a smack on the middle but when this is brought into the hosting provider’s knowledge, I’m sure that they will fix these drawbacks and get the top.

If you have only fewer bucks to spend and you are okay with the shortcomings of the GoDaddy Hosting, then GoDaddy India should get your work done.

As far as we recommend, Siteground tops the list on all sectors and it so perfect that they are trusted by ourselves.

Hope you enjoyed this comparision and thanks for spending time here!


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