Best Bluetooth Earphones in India under 3000

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Best Bluetooth Earphones in India under 3000

In this article, I will help you find the best Bluetooth earphones in India under 3000 rupees.

Wired Earphones and Headsets are out of the market nowadays after the Bluetooth technology arrived at the play. Most of the Bluetooth earphones that are popular in the market like Apple Airpods, Samsung Gear and most other popular brands are priced at expensive prices.

Sound quality is the major criteria for earphones, but according to me at this price point, I prefer comfort and ease of usage as the primary criteria for any Bluetooth earphone as these earphones have to house a circuit and a battery. In this article, I will be posting the best Bluetooth earphones you can buy on the internet in India ( for a budget cap of 3000 rupees.



Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones in India

Despite being bulky on the ear, Freesolo manages to hold on to the ears so hard that they don’t fall off when doing an intensive workout at the gym or jogging. The battery module is quite bulky and adds weight to the one end which feels awkward at times when hanged. And it has three buttons on the battery module, two volume rockers and a multi-function button for pairing/play/pause options.

Overall I would recommend this to someone who is quite active at the gym, a casual jogger in the early morning, a casual person spending his leisure time on the lawn or a person who wants to play some mobile games like PUBG or something like that.


  • Decent Audio Quality which is acceptable
  • Cheaper than most earphones on the market
  • Fairly Comfortable while wearing them
  • Can access Google Assistant or Siri from multi-function button
  • Can change tracks on the earphones using long press on volume rockers


  • Battery Module is bulk and sinks on one side
  • No thumping bass on the audio quality
  • Very poor call quality due to the cheap mic on the earphone
  • The build quality is average and doesn’t do much


Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones in India

These headphones have the best in segment audio quality, noise isolation and the company claims that the on the ear headphones should offer a 7 to 8 hour battery backup. All the technical aspects of the earphones are fulfilled and claim the above average rating.

But when it comes to comfort, the product is really under average. The reasons are, the earphones are extremely small and there is no option to adjust the size as well, this ends up being unsuitable for any adult head.


  • Above Average Audio Quality
  • Best Battery backup and can be used as wired earphones when juiced up.
  • The build quality is decent and sturdy
  • Noise cancellation on the earphones is pretty decent


  • The earphones are very small and will suit only a 14 yr old
  • Poor call quality and terrible mic on the device
  • The height is not adjustable and ears start to hurt in no more than 10 mins straight
  • Not suited for active users


Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones in India

The earphones from House of Marley are very premium by the looks, they are made of real wood and the cosmetics part of the earphones are top notch. Coming to the quality of the earphones, well they are very decent in this segment and they do offer some loud music and some bass too.

The overall music output is very decent and they do offer a premium look. But coming to the neckband part, this claims to be the negative part of this product. The band is so slippery and will keep on falling off the shoulders as they do not have a certain structure and tubular.


  • Premium looks and more attractive to the eyes
  • Good audio quality and a decent amount of bass
  • Can access Google Assistant/Siri from the earphones
  • Good battery placement


  • Lacks magnetic earbuds
  • Very disturbing neckband and falls off when not used
  • Average battery backup


Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones in India

Tagg Inferno can be defined as the improved or the updated version of the FreeSolo beats. The earphones have their battery situated on the earbuds itself which looks fine. The Audio quality is very good and produces loud music without any voice breakage. The ear holders are not of good quality which may cause some irritation when worn for a longer duration.

I would recommend this to someone who is at the gym and wants some thumping music and juice for all day or someone who is a frequent traveler who wants to listen to some good music on the run. This cannot be used at workplaces or colleges as they seem bulky on the ears.


  • Above average Music quality and longer Bluetooth range
  • Comfortable during a workout and doesn’t fall off easily
  • No hanging modules on the connecting wires
  • Lightweight and does a decent job at this price


  • The earbuds seem bulky and do not seem professional at workplaces
  • The ear holders are of poor quality and hurt
  • On the longer run, it may seem uncomfortable on the ears


Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones in India

Samsung has introduced its best Bluetooth earphones which are more comfortable and you may even forget that you are wearing a headset. The sound output of this device is pretty decent and does an average job at this price. The battery backup is very decent and the call quality on this device is average and acceptable.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone who wants a decent Bluetooth earphone that produces haptic feedback for calls and provides decent call quality. However the music output is so flat, it is acceptable at this price point.


  • Attractive and comfortable design and good build quality
  • Decent Call quality and haptic feedback for calls
  • A dedicated app to manage the settings for the device
  • Good battery backup of about 8 hrs on a single charge


  • Very flat music output
  • No thumping bass and have the same effect on all equalizer settings
  • Average quality connecting wires


Best Budget Bluetooth Earphones in India

Thunderbeats by Mivi is one of the best looking earphones for the price range with magnetic earbuds which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. These earphones are similar to that of the Tagg Inferno earphones. These headphones, as the name suggests it is built to provide high thumping bass and extreme music output.

I would completely recommend this to someone who needs a high bass output on their earphones and does not look for comfort. Yes, these earphones can easily get off from the ears even if u shake your head faster and they also seem heavier on the ears as if something is attached on your ears.


  • Features Bluetooth 4.1 which improves the audio quality and the range of operation
  • Produces high thumping bass on the ears
  • Offers a decent battery life at this price point
  • Can access the Voice Assistant from the earphone itself


  • Heavier on the ears and falls off easily even when nodded fast
  • Below average call quality which is terrible sometimes
  • Noise isolation is very poor and the sounds pop out to everyone around


So, which one you should choose among these?

Boat Rockers 400 is completely out of the picture as it is too uncomfortable. Jamaica by House of Marley is acceptable for 1500 bucks and nothing more than that. FreeSolo is a better option if you are looking for some cheap Bluetooth earphones on the market with some decent output.

Samsung feels completely okay when you need a good looking Bluetooth earphone and you are okay with some average sound quality and no bass at all. And in the competition between Mivi Thunderbeats and TAGG Inferno, Tagg has a better sound quality and Thunderbeats are better in cosmetics and technology.

When you want me to suggest the best one of these earphones, I would recommend none. Because none of these earphones met my level of expectations and none of them fulfills all the boxes and I would strongly recommend you to spend some extra bucks and get the Apple Airpods. They may have an outdated design and may seem ugly, but trust me no wireless earphones perform as good as the Airpods.

Make sure you visit our review of the Apple Airpods here.

And if you feel something can change my mind, leave your suggestions in the comment below and I will surely look into it.

Thanks for Spending time here!

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  1. Im using JBL450BT. It is awsome with more than 11 hours backup and also with extreme bass and pure sound. Check it up


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