A Realtime Encryption based Mobile Messaging Application for Safer Public Conversations

Project goals

The primary goal of the project was to have private conversations on public where our mobile screens are exposed to prying eyes around us in Bus/Train or any possible public transport and have a reliable private chatting experience.

Services Provided to the Client:

  • Logo Designing
  • Idea Brainstorming and Analysis
  • Mobile App Development

The Development Team is simply great and the nicest thing is that the team keeps following up with us to meet the requirements. Expecting to work and build the product with more features in the near future.

– Dinesh Kumar @ Sensichat

Project outcome

A fully scalable Cloud-based Messaging Application was developed with Encrypted Messaging, Dark Theme Implementation, Chat Backup, Contact Sync, and a lot more.

Sensichat was published to Playstore by our Client and all the necessary features for a Messenger Application were covered and we are really happy to see our client scaling their application to the world with an average rating of 4.76%

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